Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lisbon, how I love you.

Leaving Liverpool in the pouring rain and landing in Lisbon is the sunshine was a perfect start to the morning. The night before my flight I had tossed and turned struggling to sleep. The excitement of the start of my travels keeping me awake. After landing and passing through passport control I high tailed it towards the metro. Getting on after loading up my little metro "zap" card with a few rides. Transferring lines like a seasoned pro, I got off at Avenida metro stop and successfully found my little studio that I would be staying in for the next week. Let inside by my host Christina, I quickly dropped off my things and headed out to explore the city.

I had a bowl of cereal around 4:45 am and then munched on a few cookies during the plane ride but now it was 11:30 am and I was getting hungry for lunch. O Trevo, a little restaurant located at Praca Luis de Camoes, 48. This restaurant had been featutred on No Reservations with Anthony 
Bourdain and I never made it there there the last time I had been in Lisbon. I was a little unsure about 
the place as I arrived. The counter was full of people standing and eating. The table had lots of people 
sitting. Most of them looked like local Portuguese on their lunch break. I had heard that the Portuguese 
stand at the bar and drink or eat occasionally so I slid up to the counter in a small gap between two men
and managed to get my hands on a pork bifana and a small beer. The bifana was very good. I really 
enjoyed it and wanted to take a photo of it but didn't want to tug out my phone. So I just sipped my beer
and savoured my first bifana.

After my lovely sandwich it was time for a walk. I was not sure where I wanted to go but I ended up 
wandering through Chiado down to Praça do Comércio where I snapped a few photos of the waterfront. 
Unsure of my next destination or direction I found myself at Santini, not able to resist the red and white
gelato shop. I ordered a small cone of chocolate and milk caramel. It was heaven. 

With my gelato craving slightly in check I walked across towards the Castelo district and went into Pollux department store. Reaching the 9th floor you get a nice view. I ordered a small coffee and sipped it while taking in the view of Lisbon.

 My next walking route was to head up towards the castle but not go inside of it. I took a set of stairs that passed me along the Fado grafitti I enjoyed the last time I was in Lisbon. I think I went this route because Gelataria Portuguesa is by the castle and I just had to get another ice cream. The weather was so nice. I wasn't wearing a jacket or a coat. I popped inside and came out with a delicious cup of gelato.

I climbed higher to get a look at the viewpoints Lisbon had to offer. Stopping at Miradoura da Gracia and enjoying the view over the city. I managed to test out my cameras panoramic function. I am still learning on my new camera but I have been happy so far with it. I stopped inside the Igreja e Convento da Graça that is right next to the view point. It was very beautiful inside and got me exited for going to Italy.

Higher I climbed, my destination the highest view point in Lisbon the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. It was crazy to look over beautiful Lisbon and made me question how I had managed to get around today. Felt like I had been all over.

Descending I headed to the Thieve's Market but found nothing there for me and moved on. Passing by the Church of São Vicente of Fora. I did not step inside but took in its beautiful facade in contrast to the blue sky. Continuing walking past some viewpoints of the river. Coming across the Lisbon Cathedral, I managed to capture some of Lisbon's trams. Looking forward to riding one of those soon.

Now food is everywhere in Lisbon and its generally quite good. I was not sure what I wanted but I wanted to sit down and rest my feet. I walked to the Mercado da Ribeira and got a large Super Bock beer and relaxed. I wasn't hungry at first but being surrounded by all the amazing restaurants the market has to offer I knew I would not last long. Going with an old favourite I ordered from Sea Me and got the Prego Arum sandwich which was so good. I am not sure what is in the bread and why it is that colour but I could eat that over and over again. Unfortunately it's price tag is a bit steep but with the rest of the days meals being a bit low, I felt I could splurge on the dinner.

Full of food I headed back along the waterfront to Praça do Comércio where I planned to climb Rua 
Augusta Arch which is the big arch in the second photo below. The sun was setting, it was getting a bit 
chillier but I was all smiles when I reached the top and got another beautiful view of Lisbon. I had been 
staring at this city from so many vantage points but I haven't gotten tired of the sight yet.

With the sun setting, I headed back to my little studio to get some rest. Goodnight Lisbon, I'll see what you throw my way tomorrow.


  1. Lisbon is such an amazing city! So glad you loved it Paige! We are just itching to go back now! :-)

    Lloyd & Yaya

    1. You have to come back but I am sure you will soon enough. :D

  2. Very beautiful.
    Good vibes, Fox
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