Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Wedding and more.

I am terrible at this whole thing. I really do want to keep this blog active so that I can share my experience in life and also in obtaining my Youth Mobility Scheme visa.

My sister got married on August 10th to Jordan and became Mrs. Shawn Minamimaye. I am so happy for her. They had a lovely wedding at the Stanley Park Pavilion in Vancouver. I was the maid of honour and loved every minute of it.
I loved the purple dresses we wore and the flowers were very stunning. The reception was at the Scottish Cultural Centre in South West Vancouver and we danced all night.

We went to Queen Elizabeth Park and enjoyed the flowers and a nice walk with our dad.

He lives in Calgary, Alberta so we dont get to see him often. It was great to see him at the wedding and hang out with him in the time leading up to the wedding.

This is a shot of me at this yummy restaurant located in South Burnaby called the Fraser Park Restaurant. I had really good chicken quesadillas. The place is a little out of the way but great if you have a car. I recommend checking the business hours as they vary.

We spent some time up at my Uncle's in Furry Creek which is right near Squamish. We were able to go swimming in the ocean. It was so beautiful there and I was very happy to get my swimming in.

This is a little peak at my new bedroom. The photos are by Camilla d'Erico. I love her artwork and have 8 pieces by her. I have a queen sized bed and a love seat with a coffee table in my room. I really love that I have a little living room of my own.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Well a lot has happened since my last post. My sister got married and I moved into a new apartment.
Things are shaping up and I am quite happy with the changes happening in my life. Work is hard and busy but it pushes me to keep my cool and be in control of the situation. I try to stay as positive as possible at work because I know that I need to put on a brave face for my team. I need to be in charge.

My sisters wedding was wonderful. It was so beautiful and I loved every second of being the maid of honour. I love my sister so much and all her hard work planning that wedding was all worth it.

I want to post more but I'm tired. <33