Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ferry Across the Mersey

Gto to ride the super fun Razzle Dazzle ferry across the Mersey River today. I had not actually planned my voyage. It was very sporadic. I saw the majestical beast docking down at Pier Head where I was soaking in the sunshine and the three graces. Without any hesitation I got in line to pick up my ticket. The ride was £10 and included admission to the U-Boat Story which itself is £7.50. Not a bad deal. Sitting outside on the upper deck, it reminded me a lot of the Seabus that goes between Vancouver and North Vancouver. There was a cafe and toilets on board but I just sat and enjoyed the beautiful views of Pierhead. We travelled up the Mersey and stopped at Seacombe and then at Woodside where I got off to check out the U-Boat Story. I don't think I got very much out of it and sadly don't think it would be worth the £7.50 admission charge for it unless you really liked U-Boats. I was just left questioning why Birkenhead had a U-Boat? With half an hour to kill before the next boat arrived, I strolled up to check out Birkenhead's town hall as well as some gardens that had been mentioned on the boat. Wandering back to the boat, I waited with the others mingling about before boarding our ferry once again. Cruising across, I took in the Liverpool waterfront and tried to burn the image into my retinas. I don't think I'll ever get love my love for the waterfront and it's beautiful buildings.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Saint James Gardens

Entering into Saint James Gardens gives you a bit of an eerie feeling. It's a beautiful garden but it was also a cemetery until 1936. It's a Grade I Historic Park. The gardens are right next to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral but they are not connected. The day I walked through it, the weather was quite grey and did nothing to cheer up my surroundings. I strolled around inspecting the worn gravestones, taking in their markers and inscriptions.

The above building is the Huskisson Memorial where William Huskisson, former cabinet minister and Member of Parliament for Liverpool is buried. He was the first railway fatality in British history.

The picture above might not look like much but it is a Chalybeate Spring, and is Liverpool's only running spring.

Gravestones from Liverpool Orphan Boys Asylum as well as the Infant Asylum below. Very sad.

The tunnel below is the main entrance/exit of the gardens up towards the cathedral, lined along the walls with gravestones.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last day of Primark

On Friday it was my last day of work at Primark. It had been a day that had been looming in the distance for so many months and for it to finally arrive was scary and exciting. With it arriving it meant I had one week before I flew off to Portugal to start my European adventure in March.  I had been working at Primark since August 2014, so almost a year and a half had gone by with me working there. I had grown used taking the train into Liverpool from Mossley Hill. The slow walk down Parker Street past St. John's Market and approaching Primark, which in the above photo is the building on the left. All five floors of it of store and the sixth the employees personal domain. The hardest part of leaving were the goodbyes.

My week of leaving coincided with half term so a lot of my coworkers were off on holiday time spending it with their kids who were out of school. Half term also meant overtime which I enjoyed as it meant more money for my travels. After doing my best not to cry throughout the day on Friday, when my shift came to an end and I was presented with a loving card signed by the staff and a collection, I could no longer hold back the tears. Hugs all around, I left the store through the employee exit the last time. A group of us went out for drinks after in town to celebrate my departure. It was a very nice end to my time at Primark. I felt very loved and appreciated. I will miss all of my coworkers but with Facebook I will be able to keep in touch.

Now to focus on the last days that I have in Liverpool before I travel.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Brick by Brick

A few weeks ago I walked from my house all the way into town. It's about an hour's walk one way. After leaving Sefton Park, I strolled through some areas of Liverpool I had never been through. A lot of the buildings I came across were boarded up, abandoned and gave up a rather creepy feel to them. I was in search of the streets that they filmed some of Peaky Blinders. Liverpool filling in as the Birmingham.

The darkened row houses are from the set of Peaky Blinders. Having painted the houses black. It gave it a very creepy effect.

The above photo is an image I pulled off of Google from the Peaky Blinders tv series.

All the bricks and row houses are something I am going to miss when I leave Liverpool. It's been a truly amazing experience to live in such a historical city.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Jamie and I were in Chester the past weekend to go to the Chester Zoo. After enjoying the animals, we left and headed by bus back into the city of Chester. We didn't have any goals or expectations so we just kind of hand a bit of a wander. We did want to get food though so I guess technically that was a goal. We accomplished that at Slug and Lettuce where I had the BBQ Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese. Which was so very delicious.

One of the things I enjoy about Chester is how all the buildings look. There are quite a few shops on top of shops which is quite unique. After walking around the shopping streets, we climbed onto the city walls and strolled along them.

This is how the Swedes photobomb.

Tired from walking all over the zoo and then walking all over Chester, we headed back to the train station. Just missing the train to Liverpool by three minutes. It gave us an opportunity to chill in the train station and me to get a chai latte from costa. Heading back to Liverpool by train. The day out to Chester was a lot of fun and I am very glad I got to visit the city again.