Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Saint James Gardens

Entering into Saint James Gardens gives you a bit of an eerie feeling. It's a beautiful garden but it was also a cemetery until 1936. It's a Grade I Historic Park. The gardens are right next to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral but they are not connected. The day I walked through it, the weather was quite grey and did nothing to cheer up my surroundings. I strolled around inspecting the worn gravestones, taking in their markers and inscriptions.

The above building is the Huskisson Memorial where William Huskisson, former cabinet minister and Member of Parliament for Liverpool is buried. He was the first railway fatality in British history.

The picture above might not look like much but it is a Chalybeate Spring, and is Liverpool's only running spring.

Gravestones from Liverpool Orphan Boys Asylum as well as the Infant Asylum below. Very sad.

The tunnel below is the main entrance/exit of the gardens up towards the cathedral, lined along the walls with gravestones.

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