Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ferry Across the Mersey

Gto to ride the super fun Razzle Dazzle ferry across the Mersey River today. I had not actually planned my voyage. It was very sporadic. I saw the majestical beast docking down at Pier Head where I was soaking in the sunshine and the three graces. Without any hesitation I got in line to pick up my ticket. The ride was £10 and included admission to the U-Boat Story which itself is £7.50. Not a bad deal. Sitting outside on the upper deck, it reminded me a lot of the Seabus that goes between Vancouver and North Vancouver. There was a cafe and toilets on board but I just sat and enjoyed the beautiful views of Pierhead. We travelled up the Mersey and stopped at Seacombe and then at Woodside where I got off to check out the U-Boat Story. I don't think I got very much out of it and sadly don't think it would be worth the £7.50 admission charge for it unless you really liked U-Boats. I was just left questioning why Birkenhead had a U-Boat? With half an hour to kill before the next boat arrived, I strolled up to check out Birkenhead's town hall as well as some gardens that had been mentioned on the boat. Wandering back to the boat, I waited with the others mingling about before boarding our ferry once again. Cruising across, I took in the Liverpool waterfront and tried to burn the image into my retinas. I don't think I'll ever get love my love for the waterfront and it's beautiful buildings.

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