Monday, March 10, 2014

A Long-Expected Party

Saturday, saturday! It was the day of my birthday/going away party. I was very excited knowing that I was going to celebrate me! I never thought that I would ever come to know so many amazing people and that they would like me as a friend. I still pinch myself that I am so luckty to be friends with all of them.

What does one do on the day of their birthday/going away party? They get their nails did and eat loads of Mexican food of course!

Jess, Chris and I headed to one of my favourite Mexican restaurants. La Playa Tropical in New Westminster to have lunch before our nail appointment. I was super excited to have lunch with Jess cause she's a lot of fun and has a wicked sense of humour.

La Playa Tropical has amazing soft tacos. I had two different ones and their shrimp quesadilla. Jess had a few tacos and Chris had the monster burrito. I cannot describe enough how much I enjoy the food. Its so good! The price is very reasonable and you always leave full. The service is the only disappointing aspect. It is very slow and often it takes a while to get your order in or pay for the bill.

After we stuffed ourselves we headed over to Royal Square and purchased a few things in Sally beauty before heading to Chi Nails to get our nails did. I had a hard time deciding which colours to get. Initially I was about to get a dark purple and navy combo but changed my mind at the last minute and went for a champagne gold colour. I love how it sparkles. I should have gotten a picture of Jess' nails as they were amazing looking. A St. Patrick's day theme.

After getting our nails did we drove Jess toward's the skytrain station but had to make an emergency stop at Anny's Dairy Bar in New West to enjoy the maple twist ice cream. If you are ever in the area, go to Anny's! It's a unique and delicious combo of vanilla soft serve and maple cream. It was pouring outside but we enjoyed our ice cream.

After ice cream we dropped Jess off of at the station and headed home to get ready for the party. My party was taking place at Toby's on Commercial and I had an amazing time. My photos are limited but I hope Jon got some good ones. I had around 30 people join me in celebrating my birthday and wish me well on my big grand adventure. I was so happy to see everyone. I wish I had been able to get photos with everyone. I had a really great time. Good food, drinks, friends. Nothing could make me happier than being surrounded by people that I love.

 As a gift Jon made me a small little book filled with photos of me and my friends. On the right side of each page there was room for everyone to write a little message. It made me cry when I read it and I am sure I will cry every time I look through it. Jon did such an amazing job and I could not be more happy. I am going to miss my peoples.

Whatever may come from my adventures I know that I will always have friends that love me when I come home. I will miss them all so dearly. I cannot thank them enough for coming to my party and being in my life. They all make me so happy and feel so loved. I never thought I would be so lucky to know so many amazing, cool, unique, kind people. They mean so much to me. I wish I did not leave them but as I will always carry them in my heart.

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