Friday, March 21, 2014

Cardiff Day 2

I wasn't planning on spending a second day in Cardiff. I'm not actually sure what I expected. I guess I was hoping Gandalf's eagles would come and whisk me off and drop me on top of Mount Snowdon's peak. My plan had been to stay in Cardiff then head up through Wales to Mount Snowdon and climb the darn thing. No such luck without costing me a small fortune. I booked three days in Manchester and a bus ticket instead.

Anyways, here is what I did on my second day in Cardiff.
I packed my bag up and headed down the stairs switching rooms as I now had to move rooms because the room I was in had been fully booked. While I popped back up to my other room to get my other things I had left in the room, I met two sisters from America. One studying in Cambridge and the other visiting her. We had breakfast together and decided we would try and meet up at St Fagans the next day in the afternoon.

We headed in different directions, them off to the Doctor Who Experience and me to the bank. I arrived shortly after they opened and told that all the people I needed to see were in a meeting and would have to come back in half an hour. I did but still had to wait half an hour more until I could see someone. I happily got my bank account after being run through all the details.  Now I can hope to find a job and they can pay me!

After leaving the bank I headed for the bus station where I had to wait a little until the next bus to St Fagans. I wandered over to Millenium Stadium but did not go to the front of it. Boarding the bus to St Fagans I rode the bus for the short journey.
St Fagans National History Museum also known as the Museum of Welsh Life is an open-air museum consisting of forthy buildings from all over Wales that have been re-erected all over the ground.
 The weather was lovely. The sun was out and strolling the grounds was amazing. You can go into all the buildings and there is usually a guide waiting to tell you all about the history behind the buildings.

This is the Abernodwydd farmhouse originally from 1678.

The highlight of the whole thing was the lambs and sheep in the middle of the field. I could not get enough watching the little lambs wobbling about, playing and eating anything they could.

They were so cute. I wanted to steal one.

I ran into the girls half way through my wandering and continued wandering with them. It was nice to have some company. They needed to go back early to catch a train so I joined with them and left St. Fagans. I missed going to the castle on the grounds but next time. St. Fagans is free but transportation there costs about £3.

I headed back to my hostel after getting back into the city and have now settled into my new room. It's still before dinner so I may go out and explore more.

The sun is still shining. Life is good.

Onwards to Manchester!

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