Friday, March 21, 2014

Goodbye London, Hello Cardiff.

March 20
I woke up bright and early and checked out of my hostel. I headed for the bus stop on the other side of the British Museum and took the number 73 to Victoria Station. Walking to the bus stop was quiet, a few cars here and there and occasionally someone walking/running by on their way to work. 

I arrived a bit early, okay like 2 hours early for my bus and waited. I enjoyed a really yummy ham and cheese croissant and hot chocolate but the croissant was not so pretty so it never got a photo. Below is a photo of the National Audit building. The other two photos are from my stroll around the bus station.

I arrived in Cardiff around 12:30. My bus far for the 4 hour trip from London cost £3.50 so about $7. Mad! The trip itself was fine, I managed to sleep for ages so was happy about that. Woke up when we arrived in Bristol and some people talked to each other. After getting my bag, I used my phone to help me walk through the streets to my hostel Nomad Backpackers. It was about a 15 minute walk from the bus stop which was super convenient.

I checked in, found my room, put my things away and off I went in search of food. I wandered about aimlessly, entering this large pit that was the St. David's. It's a giant shopping mall. I didn't like the look of the restaurants on offer and kept walking. Plenty of options down Queen Street but I didn't feel like having Burger King, KFC or McDonalds.

 Everything in Cardiff centre is very close together so far from what I have wanted to see and at the end of Queen Street is Cardiff Castle. I turned left into Duke Street Arcade and stopped at Garlands. It seems inviting so I stepped inside and welcomed in the lovely little restaurant. I browsed the menu, deciding on the Welsh Rarebit and Victorian Lemonade. They were out of Victorian Lemonade so with Chris in mind I selected the Fentiman's Rose Lemonade.

The food was so good! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Welsh Rarebit, not having even known exactly what it is. Welsh rarebit is a dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients and served hot, after being poured over slices of toasted bread.

Highly suggest trying it!

After lunch I hurried over to the Cardiff History Museum which is right next to Cardiff City Hall. Crazy buildings and their coolness.

Cardiff City Hall

Unhappy Welsh dragon. :(

Inside the National Museum Cardiff they have a collection of art as well as natural history. I buzzed around the natural history museum, saying hello to this cute Bison before heading up to the art section of the museum which takes up the top floors.

This was in the modern section of the art museum. The description on the wall basically said. It's a woman, wait no, look at that third leg and that beard...okay, we don't know what it is...  I like it just a little bit more than Tate Britain's exhibit of an empty room with lights turning on and off. I was a bit scared that it might give me nightmares. Was waiting for it to run after me.

After the museum I hurried over to Cardiff Castle so that I would get a good few hours in the grounds and castle before it closed. I was very glad I did. Over lunch I had been humming and hawing over paying the £11 pounds entry fee but I did go and was very pleased.


Next challenge, climb to the very top of that castle!
Warning, more selfies below.

It was raining a bit so I ran across the grounds to the central part of the castle so I could climb up the steep steps to the very top of the keep. I really enjoyed the views of the Millenium Stadium.

It was a really lovely view and I enjoyed it despite the rain. On the way down the stairs get a bit steep so it involved some slow downward rail clutching.

They allow you into the part of the castle that houses rooms. If you want you can pay £3 more when you first pay and get a tour of the house. I chose not to pay for the tour and just ran around the grounds in the rain. I really enjoyed wandering around the rooms that were open. With the tour you get to see more rooms but apparently you cannot take photos.

The rooms were very lovely and it really did feel like you were in a castle. Lots of banners on the ceilings and small details.

In the walls they have bomb shelters and they allow you to wander around them. It's quite creepy as there wasn't many people visiting the castle. I guess it's not the thing to do on a Thursday. The entrance fee also gives you an audio guide which helps you learn more information about the castle.

After leaving the Castle I hurried through Queen Street in the pouring rain, popping into Primark and getting an umbrella before getting dinner at Tesco and headed back to the hostel to have a shower and have a relaxing night in. Cardiff even has a carousel!

The hostel I am staying at.

One more day in Cardiff. Next stop: Manchester! Leaving 5:40 am on the 22nd.


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  2. When I saw the Fentiman's Rose Lemonade, I literally yelled out, "Oh, my god!". That is too amazing and you rock! I feel like I must have one very soon now! :)

    I love the pictures and selfies! Have you had a chance to meet or chat with any locals yet?