Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Recap: November 29th

Above is the stain glass of the door of my house in Liverpool. I have three months left in Liverpool. Can't believe it. 

This past week has been alright, doing mostly overtime and trying not to work too hard. It's been busy so the time has passed quickly which is good.

On Thursday after a very yummy dinner at TGI Fridays, I went to the Liverpool vs Bordeaux game with Jamie. The first goal came from Bordeaux with a penalty brought on by our goalkeeper Mignolet holding the ball for longer than six seconds. Ugh. We got it back though and were up 2-1 at half time. No more goals in the second half but we played a good game. Improving under Klopp I think.

On Friday night, I met up with some of my coworkers for a fun night out. We went ice skating at the Liverpool One Ice Festival. I was quite excited. It felt like ages since I had been on the ice. The last time having been for Whitney's birthday.  Getting onto the ice, it took me a few seconds to get the hang of it. At first I was a bit disappointed as they had not resurfaced the ice with the zamboni so it was still quite choppy from the last round of skaters. I didn't let that keep me from enjoying myself though. 

After skating we headed over to the Ice Bar where we donned funny ponchos and headed into a big freezer. We got a shot of some sort of alcohol and explored the room. There was a few sculptures, a throne and a sofa all made out of ice so it was pretty cool.

After skating and the ice bar we headed to Nandos for for food. A late dinner but it was perfect. I had the half chicken, creamy mash, chips and perinaise. I also had two Sagres Radlers to drink. Very good.

 Now as its Sunday, I've just been relaxing. Listening to the soundtrack to Cirque du Soleil's O and watching Liverpool beat Swansea 1-0. I've also been playing this cute game on my phone called Neko Atsume. You just basically lay out toys and wait for cats to show up.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

St George's Castle, Lisbon

On my last day in Lisbon, I headed to enjoy St. George's Castle. In Portuguese it is known as Castelo de São Jorge. The moorish castle looks out over the city and Tagus River. The view from it took my breath away. I was falling in love with Lisbon more and more. I hated the idea of leaving it.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disneyland Paris

Going to Disneyland was always something I had wanted to do. I always thought that my first experience would be in California. I was wrong, my first encounter with Disneyland would be in Paris. On the Monday of our adventure in Paris, Jamie, Kevin and I boarded the train from Paris to Disneyland. Arriving just before opening, he followed the crowds towards the parks. Having pre-paid for our tickets we happily entered the parks like little kids. At first it was overwhelming. Where to look? Where to go?  The castle in the distance, the shops, the rides. It was all very exciting. 

Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince

I have just finished watching the new movie version of one of my favourite books. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, has been my favourite book since I first read it. It was given to me by a friend and I had a deep connection with it. It has a lot of amazing things in it and I think everyone should read it.

I had watched the trailer for the new animated version of the book. I was not sure how it would go. If I would like it or if I would not. Today, cuddled under my blankets and drinking cup after cup of tea, I watched it. I loved it, the voice actors were great, the animation beautiful. How they captured the true essence of the book and animated it. I smiled, I cried, I cried some more.

Above is the trailer which I recommend you watch. If you have a chance to watch the movie, do it!
If you have not read the book, get on it! It's not a very long book but I think everyone should read it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Did I drop off the face of the earth?

I just might have. Slipped right off the edge. That is if there was an edge but theres not, the world is a big round ball of a planet. By ball I mean sphere. Astronomy was never a strong subject of mine. Anyways, what I do know is that the Earth keeps spinning in its daily rotation around the sun no matter what is happening on it. It won't stop for anyone. I think the day it stops, we'll all die or something unimaginable. Makes me think of the song by The Weepies called World Spins Madly On.

So I missed a few Sunday recap posts. The month is nearly over and the world is spinning. Right, you've grasped that part. 

So what is going on in my life? Lots of things but then not lots of things. Next week I go to the Liverpool vs Bordeaux game with Jamie on Thursday. On Friday I am going ice skating, then to the icebar and then for Nandos with some of my coworkers. It's a looking like it will be a lot of fun. Going out and having a drink is a big thing in Liverpool. The night club scene is pretty wild. I myself enjoy nothing more than sitting at home in my pyjamas watching netflix with a big mug of tea. I don't own any high heels. I do own a few dresses but I've never gotten into the going out to town side of Liverpool. I am sure it would have been a lot of fun but I've just shied away from it. 

But anyways, I had a happy meeting with Alexa Chung in Harvey Nichol's Beauty Bazaar

She was really nice and signed my book. I was very pleased with the signing. They had free cocktails and cupcakes which was really nice. I got a nail set, spoiling myself. I am calling it an early Christmas present to myself.

With 116 days before my visa expires I am starting to plan the next part of my journey when I leave Liverpool. I have five mights booked in a hostel in Valencia to go to the Fallas festival. The big problem I am having right now is when to leave Liverpool and where to go. I move out of my houseshare on February 29th. I have found a good price on a flight to Lisbon for March 1. Jamie has offered to let me stay with her and hold onto all the possesions that are staying in Liverpool while I tramp around Europe. 

Hope everyone reading this is well and sorry I haven't been more active in posting my life. I'll try harder.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Recap: November 1

Sadly I am feeling like I'm slipping right now on the whole blogging front. I really want to blog but sometimes I find it hard to make the time for it even when I do have the time. This sunrise was from my train station on Thursday. It was a beautiful crisp morning. No rain, no fog. The sun rose and I was quite happy.

I am trying to continue bullet journalling but even that took a dip. I feel a bit bad as I had just started the process and already was failing at it. It is November. I cannot believe it. In four months I will be saying goodbye to the UK and hello to Spain. Spain so far is all I have. I had grand plans of travelling to Italy and maybe visiting the Italian relatives again but I am not sure if I should be a pain. Luckily flights are cheap in Europe so I might see if I can get over to Rome and maybe hit up Italy a bit more on my own. It's all up in the air and the planning will get more serious very soon. I move out of my house share on February 27 and Jamie has volunteered to let me stay with her for a little bit. I don't want to be a big pain so I am trying to find an itinerary that works for me.

I like the idea of going back to Lisbon as I really enjoyed the city.  I am not sure about the routes to Valencia from Lisbon as most seem quite expensive.

So it might be flying to Barcelona for a few days then the train down to Valencia before enjoying Fallas. I'm quite excited.

This week I went to the dentist and finally got my filling done. It went really well and I felt it was pretty much the same as I would have received in Canada. No weird procedures or nothing.

Planning to go see Spectre on Wednesday with Jamie so looking forward to seeing that.