Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Recap: November 1

Sadly I am feeling like I'm slipping right now on the whole blogging front. I really want to blog but sometimes I find it hard to make the time for it even when I do have the time. This sunrise was from my train station on Thursday. It was a beautiful crisp morning. No rain, no fog. The sun rose and I was quite happy.

I am trying to continue bullet journalling but even that took a dip. I feel a bit bad as I had just started the process and already was failing at it. It is November. I cannot believe it. In four months I will be saying goodbye to the UK and hello to Spain. Spain so far is all I have. I had grand plans of travelling to Italy and maybe visiting the Italian relatives again but I am not sure if I should be a pain. Luckily flights are cheap in Europe so I might see if I can get over to Rome and maybe hit up Italy a bit more on my own. It's all up in the air and the planning will get more serious very soon. I move out of my house share on February 27 and Jamie has volunteered to let me stay with her for a little bit. I don't want to be a big pain so I am trying to find an itinerary that works for me.

I like the idea of going back to Lisbon as I really enjoyed the city.  I am not sure about the routes to Valencia from Lisbon as most seem quite expensive.

So it might be flying to Barcelona for a few days then the train down to Valencia before enjoying Fallas. I'm quite excited.

This week I went to the dentist and finally got my filling done. It went really well and I felt it was pretty much the same as I would have received in Canada. No weird procedures or nothing.

Planning to go see Spectre on Wednesday with Jamie so looking forward to seeing that.

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  1. Must be feeling some pretty big mixed emotions with the conclusion of your visa on the horizon. I've never in my life journalled a tenth as well as you have been.