Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Coffee

On Friday after work and before I did the zip wire I had some time to kill so I decided to go to Home Coffee. I had passed the sign above so many times and always peeked in at the delicious looking cakes on the counter but had never peeked into the coffee shop. I follow Emma at Daydream Believer, a lovely girl from New Zealand who is living in London on the Youth Mobility Visa. She has a London Coffee Series that I enjoy and I have yet to find a yummy coffee shop though I must say it is through lack of trying. I don't go to Moose Coffee for the coffee. I go for the eggs benedict.   Boy am I ever glad I stopped in to Home Coffee. I think I will make it a thing to do every Friday. So good. The selection of cakes made it hard to choose but I was not disappointed by the Sticky Toffee Cake that I decided on.

If you're ever near Liverpool One. Check out this little coffee shop. It's across from Hotel Chocolat. I will be back. There is more cake to be enjoyed.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

This Saturday was the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival held in Sefton Park. I woke up after a nice sleep in and walked over to Sefton Park. The festival started on Friday the 19th and ends on Sunday the 21st. It cost £6.50 for a one day entrance into the festival £9 for a weekend ticket which included Saturday and Sunday.   There was a lot of options to choose from, all the yummy smells of delicious food moving about. The weather was not too nice but it was not raining so that was the main thing.

I wandered around for a while debating on waffles and churros before deciding on getting some sui mai to nibble at for only £2. They were really tasty. I wandered around attempting to figure out my next culinary feast and decided on the Button Street Smokehouse where I enjoyed a rib and dirty fries for £3.50. The rib was deliciously messy and I had to wipe my face several times. BBQ sauce on the nose!

With a full belly I was not sure what to do with myself. There was still so much to sample and see and taste. The festival had a lot of things going on. Lots of beer, wine, gin tastings . There was some celebrity chefs doing some cooking shows in tents. Lots and lots of things to see. I found myself some Dad's rootbeer and could not resist getting myself a can for £1.50.

The later it was getting in the afternoon the more people were arriving. I decided I had had my share of delicious food and did not want to wait around for my stomach to make room so I could gorge on more treats so I headed for the exit. The queue for tickets to get inside which had been only a few people when I arrived was now quite long with people waiting to buy tickets to get inside the gates.

Arriving home I emptied out my new tote bag and photographed my goodies. I got the tote and urban fruit goodies for £5.  The four squares of fudge was £6.25 and the cookies, chocolate, and crisps and things in the last photo were all free from Lidl. A little goodie bag for going to the festival.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Riding the Wire

This weekend is the last weekend the zip wire will be in Liverpool running down Church Street. It's been on my list to do for a while now so finding out that it was its last weekend made me bite the bullet and find out how to do it. I looked online and found that if you booked 24 hours in advance you could pay £10 instead of £15 which is the price you pay if you walk up and buy a ticket. 

This Friday was also extra nice as we did not have to wear our uniforms to work today so I didn't have to do the zip wire in my boring black attire. I wore my new pink Ariel shirt that I got from the Bold as Brass charity day. After work I stopped at Home Coffee and got myself a delicious cake and a flat white. I ate it outside as the weather was not too bad. Wasting a bit of time before four, I decided to head over before hand and they had no problem with me going early and I was suited up happily.

Walking with the helmet and harness up Church Street was a bit funny and I got a few looks but I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Reaching the tower I would have to climb in order to reach the top to do the wire, I found myself in the company of a fellow Canadian. She was very nice and from Ontario. She was with her friend and they were doing it together.  Walking up the stairs to the top reminded me of work and how many stairs there are to reach the fourth and fifth floor.  I die whenever the lift is being slow or we are unable to use it. Takes ages to run up all those stairs.

Reaching the top there was a lovely view over Liverpool. I wish it was a better day and the sky was blue and the sun was out but instead we had an ugly grey sky overhead. At least it was not raining. The first girl did it very quickly with no issue. My fellow Canadian was next and was quite nervous. She had to be coaxed a little but but eventually got up the courage to do it. The two guys running it looked at me wondering if I was nervous at all and I reassured them that I was really excited. I got hooked up onto the wire and secured and off I went.

Nothing like super red/pink selfies on top of a tower. The ride itself was super fun. It was over too quick and I wished I could go again. You kind of zip down along it spinning a little bit and see the buildings and people looking up at you. Once I was done I got unharnessed and was sent on my way.  I really had a great time and would do it again. Glad I had that experience. Felt like I was a part of the Amazing Race. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6 months!

I cannot believe that it has been six months since I left Canada. Left my family and friends and flew off alone on my solo adventure to see more of the world.

I have been to fourteen countries since arriving in London on March 16th, eleven of them being new to me.

I have called Liverpool my home now for four and a half months now. I have worked at Primark for almost two months now.

I have not made as many friends as I would have liked my housemates and new coworkers have been very nice. I have not yet found any romance though have attempted two dates.

It scares me to think that I have only a year and a half left before I possibly return to Canada but that is a long time and you never know what might happen.

I know that I will travel more, starting with Amsterdam in October. Planning an amazing trip for when my sister and mother come visit me in March next year.  There will be lots of exploring happening.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Liverpool 2009

In March 2009, I journeyed to Europe with my mother. We adventured around the UK, France and Spain. One of my biggest memories was our stop in Liverpool, we arrived the day of the Champions League match against Real Madrid. Our hotel was down the road from Anfield so we spent a lot of time around the stadium and watched the game in a pub.  We ended up staying an extra day so we could check out the stadium tour which I really enjoyed. Touching the 'This is Anfield' sign was a highlight of the tour. I really enjoyed the Walker Art Gallery and the World Museum when we went. There is a lot of the city we missed that I am discovering now on my own. I hope to show my mother and sister the spots I love when they come this March.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Jamie and I decided that we would take a day trip up by train to explore Blackpool. Sadly the weather was very crap and the sky was grey and sad. We were delayed in Kirkham and Wesham by an hour when we wanted to switch trains to get to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We ended up just getting on the next train going to Blackpool North and walking to the pier and boardwalk. The walk was not that long from anything so it we should have just stayed on the train to begin with but then we would have never had the interesting wander through Kirkham and Wesham.

We walked along the seafront and out onto the pier. With paint peeling and colours fading it seemed that the golden days of Blackpool were a thing of the past. I know I would like to return for the Blackpool Illuminations. Stocking up on fudge from one of the little stores on the pier before we headed back to dry land. We wandered along, purchasing Blackpool Rock which I remember having as a kid. Now here I was in Blackpool with the same rock candy.  

One of the main attractions to Blackpool besides the Illuminations is the tower. We both had no desire to go up it. It might be nice if the weather was blue skies and sun but the grey gloom above did not appeal to us. Walking along we found ourselves being harassed by a guy handing out pamphlets. Just because we ignored his questions of "Where are you from?" etc. He got rude and that put a bit of a damper on our afternoon as we could not understand how he could be so rude to complete strangers. Refusing to let him ruin our day, we headed onto a second pier and I watched as Jamie attempted to win a prize by throwing a ball into a barrel. It looked easy but the guy let me try for free and I was miserable at it.

After more wanderings we enjoyed an ice cream before heading to catch the train back to Liverpool. All in all I think it was an interesting experience to see Blackpool. Wish the weather had been nicer for us.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Tuesday of my Tuesdays

So this past Saturday I saw a post on Tumblr with a set of gifs from the movie 'If I Stay'  which I had never heard of before. I quickly watched the trailer and cried at how sad it was. I'm an emotional crier so sad movie instantly equals tears. I put my current book on hold and dove into reading this one which is by the author Gayle Forman.  I burned through it and lamented to my sister that it was over. Her the amazing person that she is knew that there was a sequel to it called 'Where She Went' and I read that as fast as the first. I wanted to go to the movies on Tuesday as it's cheaper to go then so after work I hustled to the Odeon to make the 3:15 showing.

I made it in time to watch the film. I was glad I had so many tissues in my purse from being sick these past few weeks as I needed them. Definitely a tear jerker. I left the film texting my mother and sister how much I loved them.

Still needing to waste time before my train I decided to go to dinner at TGI Fridays. I was still a bit sad from the movie but I drowned my sorrows in a strawberry daiquiri which was delicious. I ordered the Jack Daniels burger and enjoyed that very much.

After my lovely dinner I headed to Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte as I noticed they had a very small sign announcing it. It was £3.25 for a tall which is quite a lot so I really hoped it was good. It was a bit disappointing and only in the last few sips did it taste anything remotely like pumpkin spice. I guess it needed a stir right away but I never thought of that in the store so had no way to stire it as I walked to Primark. I bought a nice fall sweater and purchased another long sleeve top to build my fall wardrobe. I also introduced myself to the nice security guard who calls me his favourite Canadian but am now feeling really bad as my memory has just forgotten it. :( I'll keep trying to remember it.

Leaving Primark I headed to Lime Street which was looking lovely in the evening sun and caught the train home.

I got home and booked my trip to Amsterdam since I found out I got my holidays confirmed. Really looking forward to planning that.

Going to Amsterdam!

So my week of holidays in October was approved so from October 11th to the 16th I shall be in Amsterdam. I fell in love with this city in my short time there in April. I will be staying at the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel which was recommended by Nomadic Matt one of my favourite travel bloggers.

The hostel is really close to the Vondel Park so I look forward to spending time there. The plans are so fresh but I will be working on them until the day I leave. I am quite excited to return. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

End of Madrid

This will be the last post on my adventure in Spain with Jess. These are the remaining photos from our last day in Madrid. We were a bit tired of our travels I think or maybe we were just tired of Madrid. Though it had plenty of beauty and options we had mixed feelings about the capital city. After our exploration of Buen Retiro park we debated on what we could do. Deciding we would go to the Prado for their free entrance time from 6-8 pm. We had a bit of time to spare while waiting for 6 to happen so we decided to go to the Caixa Forum Madrid to check out their exhibition on Pixar.  It was only €4 and it was really interesting to read up on the films and animation studio. My favourite thing was the zoetrope that apparently was made by Studio Ghibli for them.

We wandered around the exhibit for a while before checking out the gift shop. Parting ways with the Caixa Forum we headed to the Prado museum and got in line. We arrived early but there was still quite a long line. Regular admission to El Prado is €14 so it is quite a savings though the time period is limited so if you need to have a long look around the art museum I suggest going earlier as it is quite large and has many works of art. 

Jess and I made a game of counting dogs in paintings. I think we got up past 30. Leaving the museum we walked back to our little apartment to spend the rest of the night until we had to wake up early to catch the bus to the airport. We had a bad situation with our Airbnb where our power went out so we lost the lights and the wifi. Jess managed to figure out the breaker in the hall but it was just such an annoyance. It kind of ruined the night for us. Leaving the apartment, he headed through the dark streets of Madrid. People were still out and about at 3 am. Finding the bus, we got on and headed for the airport. Our flights were leaving from two different terminals so we were reluctant to leave each others sides. 

I walked Jess to her area to wait for her to check her bag but the lines did not seem to be moving any. After a long hug goodbye Jess and I parted ways after an amazing two week adventure together in Spain. I headed to my gate, getting a Starbucks and relaxing. My flight would leave Madrid and take me to London where I would catch another train into the city centre and then take the train from London Euston to Liverpool. My journey home was not as long as Jess' but it was an easy one. I had a really great time in Spain with her and her family. I cannot thank her enough for inviting me.