Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Coffee

On Friday after work and before I did the zip wire I had some time to kill so I decided to go to Home Coffee. I had passed the sign above so many times and always peeked in at the delicious looking cakes on the counter but had never peeked into the coffee shop. I follow Emma at Daydream Believer, a lovely girl from New Zealand who is living in London on the Youth Mobility Visa. She has a London Coffee Series that I enjoy and I have yet to find a yummy coffee shop though I must say it is through lack of trying. I don't go to Moose Coffee for the coffee. I go for the eggs benedict.   Boy am I ever glad I stopped in to Home Coffee. I think I will make it a thing to do every Friday. So good. The selection of cakes made it hard to choose but I was not disappointed by the Sticky Toffee Cake that I decided on.

If you're ever near Liverpool One. Check out this little coffee shop. It's across from Hotel Chocolat. I will be back. There is more cake to be enjoyed.

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