Friday, September 19, 2014

Riding the Wire

This weekend is the last weekend the zip wire will be in Liverpool running down Church Street. It's been on my list to do for a while now so finding out that it was its last weekend made me bite the bullet and find out how to do it. I looked online and found that if you booked 24 hours in advance you could pay £10 instead of £15 which is the price you pay if you walk up and buy a ticket. 

This Friday was also extra nice as we did not have to wear our uniforms to work today so I didn't have to do the zip wire in my boring black attire. I wore my new pink Ariel shirt that I got from the Bold as Brass charity day. After work I stopped at Home Coffee and got myself a delicious cake and a flat white. I ate it outside as the weather was not too bad. Wasting a bit of time before four, I decided to head over before hand and they had no problem with me going early and I was suited up happily.

Walking with the helmet and harness up Church Street was a bit funny and I got a few looks but I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Reaching the tower I would have to climb in order to reach the top to do the wire, I found myself in the company of a fellow Canadian. She was very nice and from Ontario. She was with her friend and they were doing it together.  Walking up the stairs to the top reminded me of work and how many stairs there are to reach the fourth and fifth floor.  I die whenever the lift is being slow or we are unable to use it. Takes ages to run up all those stairs.

Reaching the top there was a lovely view over Liverpool. I wish it was a better day and the sky was blue and the sun was out but instead we had an ugly grey sky overhead. At least it was not raining. The first girl did it very quickly with no issue. My fellow Canadian was next and was quite nervous. She had to be coaxed a little but but eventually got up the courage to do it. The two guys running it looked at me wondering if I was nervous at all and I reassured them that I was really excited. I got hooked up onto the wire and secured and off I went.

Nothing like super red/pink selfies on top of a tower. The ride itself was super fun. It was over too quick and I wished I could go again. You kind of zip down along it spinning a little bit and see the buildings and people looking up at you. Once I was done I got unharnessed and was sent on my way.  I really had a great time and would do it again. Glad I had that experience. Felt like I was a part of the Amazing Race. 

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