Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Jamie and I decided that we would take a day trip up by train to explore Blackpool. Sadly the weather was very crap and the sky was grey and sad. We were delayed in Kirkham and Wesham by an hour when we wanted to switch trains to get to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We ended up just getting on the next train going to Blackpool North and walking to the pier and boardwalk. The walk was not that long from anything so it we should have just stayed on the train to begin with but then we would have never had the interesting wander through Kirkham and Wesham.

We walked along the seafront and out onto the pier. With paint peeling and colours fading it seemed that the golden days of Blackpool were a thing of the past. I know I would like to return for the Blackpool Illuminations. Stocking up on fudge from one of the little stores on the pier before we headed back to dry land. We wandered along, purchasing Blackpool Rock which I remember having as a kid. Now here I was in Blackpool with the same rock candy.  

One of the main attractions to Blackpool besides the Illuminations is the tower. We both had no desire to go up it. It might be nice if the weather was blue skies and sun but the grey gloom above did not appeal to us. Walking along we found ourselves being harassed by a guy handing out pamphlets. Just because we ignored his questions of "Where are you from?" etc. He got rude and that put a bit of a damper on our afternoon as we could not understand how he could be so rude to complete strangers. Refusing to let him ruin our day, we headed onto a second pier and I watched as Jamie attempted to win a prize by throwing a ball into a barrel. It looked easy but the guy let me try for free and I was miserable at it.

After more wanderings we enjoyed an ice cream before heading to catch the train back to Liverpool. All in all I think it was an interesting experience to see Blackpool. Wish the weather had been nicer for us.

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