Saturday, September 20, 2014

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

This Saturday was the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival held in Sefton Park. I woke up after a nice sleep in and walked over to Sefton Park. The festival started on Friday the 19th and ends on Sunday the 21st. It cost £6.50 for a one day entrance into the festival £9 for a weekend ticket which included Saturday and Sunday.   There was a lot of options to choose from, all the yummy smells of delicious food moving about. The weather was not too nice but it was not raining so that was the main thing.

I wandered around for a while debating on waffles and churros before deciding on getting some sui mai to nibble at for only £2. They were really tasty. I wandered around attempting to figure out my next culinary feast and decided on the Button Street Smokehouse where I enjoyed a rib and dirty fries for £3.50. The rib was deliciously messy and I had to wipe my face several times. BBQ sauce on the nose!

With a full belly I was not sure what to do with myself. There was still so much to sample and see and taste. The festival had a lot of things going on. Lots of beer, wine, gin tastings . There was some celebrity chefs doing some cooking shows in tents. Lots and lots of things to see. I found myself some Dad's rootbeer and could not resist getting myself a can for £1.50.

The later it was getting in the afternoon the more people were arriving. I decided I had had my share of delicious food and did not want to wait around for my stomach to make room so I could gorge on more treats so I headed for the exit. The queue for tickets to get inside which had been only a few people when I arrived was now quite long with people waiting to buy tickets to get inside the gates.

Arriving home I emptied out my new tote bag and photographed my goodies. I got the tote and urban fruit goodies for £5.  The four squares of fudge was £6.25 and the cookies, chocolate, and crisps and things in the last photo were all free from Lidl. A little goodie bag for going to the festival.

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