Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Recap: February 22

Off to Paris in 12 days. I cannot contain my excitement. The weather is supposed to be a mix of sun and cloud on our first day and then mostly cloudy on our second day. I hope the weather report is wrong and the sun comes out for us on both days. 

Work has been busy this week with having worked last Sunday and then more than my usual hours on Monday to Friday. On Saturday I ventured by bus out to Crosby risking the temperamental weather and was rewarded with a bit of sunshine on the beach. This soon changed to hail and I headed home to order a yummy Indian from my local favourite. 

Now it's Sunday and it is pouring down rain. I've tidied my room and started a bit of packing. Trying to decide on outfits and wanting to pack light. Most of the things I need to do our done except printing off boarding passes and get money exchanged.  

I am so excited to see Paris and of course my mother and sister. We're going to have the trip of a lifetime.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crosby Beach

Today I decided as I was not working this weekend as I had the past two weekends that I would get out of the house and explore. The weather was being a bit tricky with blue skies one minute then overcast the next. I chose to leave the slight warmth of the house and venture out to Crosby. I took the 61 towards Bootle, getting off at North Park and switching to the 53 heading to Crosby. From there I ventured down to the beach which was not a long walk from where the bus stopped. Crossing an expanse of grass and sand dunes, the beach welcomed me like an old friend and I ventured onto it.

The last time I had visited Crosby had been in March of last year with Jamie. I wrote about in a post here.  I wandered across the beach, ignoring my now wet socks and feet. I regretted not wearing my rain boots or even my Palladium boots. Next time I'll wear more sensible shoes to the beach. I would have stayed longer but the weather changed from sunshine very quickly to hail and I was forced off the beach to seek shelter. After a few minutes the weather cleared again but now off the beach, I felt it was time to go. Soggy feet and all I caught the 53 back towards Waterloo Station where I hoped to find a restaurant I had been recommended open but it was still two hours before it did. Unable to wait around in my wet and now cold feet, I caught the next 53 out of Crosby, switched back to the 61 and enjoyed the hour long bus ride back to Mossley Hill.

The highlight of Crosby Beach is Anthony Gormley's "Another Place" There are a hundred solid cast iron figures stretching 2.5 kilometres down the coast and one kilometre out to sea, with an average distance of 500 metres between the pieces.

Crosby is easy to reach from Liverpool City Centre. The 53 takes you from Queen Square Bus Station or you can catch Merseyrail to Waterloo Station.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Recap: February 15

Is it really Sunday already? Time sure is flying by. I blink and it's the weekend. The good thing about that is the trip to Paris to meet my mother and sister is coming faster and faster. I am sure the next nineteen days will be a snowball effect and I'll be on an airplane to Paris grinning from ear to ear before I know it.

Our plans for Paris are to arrive in one piece before finding our airbnb apartment rental. We are staying on Île Saint-Louis, one of Paris's two natural islands. We will be a three minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral. We will seek and destroy crepes, macarons, fleur de sel caramels and not too mention copious amounts of croissants.  We will do the free walking tour put on by Sandeman's New Paris before enjoying a walk up the Arc de Triomphe.

The next day we are heading out to Versailles. We are giving the beautiful palace a full day so that we can enjoy it at our leisure. I am very excited and hope the weather for our trip is lovely. Fingers crossed for that.

Besides trip planning, I did not get a whole lot done this week. I worked some longer shifts which meant leaving town in the dark. Last weekend as well as this current one I have only had one day off. More money for amazing food in Paris my mind screams, my body though rejects the idea and wants the rest and recovery of an extra day off. 

I have also been having some interesting dreams lately, I wonder what they are trying to tell me.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Recap: February 8

How many sunset photos can you handle? This week has been very quick and I did not get a lot done. I managed to catch a cold. I went back to the Maritime Museum but will need a third visit to get it all seen. I worked on Saturday which was interesting but money in the bank.  The trip to Paris to meet Shawn and my mom gets nearer and nearer. Only 26 day, 14 hours as I write this until we meet. So excited.