Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Recap: February 15

Is it really Sunday already? Time sure is flying by. I blink and it's the weekend. The good thing about that is the trip to Paris to meet my mother and sister is coming faster and faster. I am sure the next nineteen days will be a snowball effect and I'll be on an airplane to Paris grinning from ear to ear before I know it.

Our plans for Paris are to arrive in one piece before finding our airbnb apartment rental. We are staying on Île Saint-Louis, one of Paris's two natural islands. We will be a three minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral. We will seek and destroy crepes, macarons, fleur de sel caramels and not too mention copious amounts of croissants.  We will do the free walking tour put on by Sandeman's New Paris before enjoying a walk up the Arc de Triomphe.

The next day we are heading out to Versailles. We are giving the beautiful palace a full day so that we can enjoy it at our leisure. I am very excited and hope the weather for our trip is lovely. Fingers crossed for that.

Besides trip planning, I did not get a whole lot done this week. I worked some longer shifts which meant leaving town in the dark. Last weekend as well as this current one I have only had one day off. More money for amazing food in Paris my mind screams, my body though rejects the idea and wants the rest and recovery of an extra day off. 

I have also been having some interesting dreams lately, I wonder what they are trying to tell me.

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