Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Recap: February 22

Off to Paris in 12 days. I cannot contain my excitement. The weather is supposed to be a mix of sun and cloud on our first day and then mostly cloudy on our second day. I hope the weather report is wrong and the sun comes out for us on both days. 

Work has been busy this week with having worked last Sunday and then more than my usual hours on Monday to Friday. On Saturday I ventured by bus out to Crosby risking the temperamental weather and was rewarded with a bit of sunshine on the beach. This soon changed to hail and I headed home to order a yummy Indian from my local favourite. 

Now it's Sunday and it is pouring down rain. I've tidied my room and started a bit of packing. Trying to decide on outfits and wanting to pack light. Most of the things I need to do our done except printing off boarding passes and get money exchanged.  

I am so excited to see Paris and of course my mother and sister. We're going to have the trip of a lifetime.

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  1. Dude proof that the fountains were not flowing when you first went is in this post. Love our momma :)