Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A heart is a heavy burden.

A lovely day off work meant sleeping in. Well as much as I could with my cat Ricky meowing at me to wake up and give him the attention he was craving. It did not seem to help much but I was able to sleep a bit longer. 

Waking up, I relaxed for a while before popping to the grocery store for some chorizo sausage. While I was there Jon reminded me that I was to meet him and his lovely girlfriend Whitney for brunch. Popping home, I dropped off my groceries and headed to meet them for food. Picking them up after having to circle back our original plan was to go to Slickity Jim's Chat N' Chew on Main Street but we saw the line outside and decided to try somewhere else. After parking on Commercial we chose to go to Havanas after a bit of a menu mix up at Fet's Whiskey Kitchen. We had to wait but it was worth it. 

I had the delicious savoury chicken and waffles. With it I had a chai tea latte. I was in heaven. This was Jon and Whitney's treat for me for looking after their cat Fitz.

Dragging Whitney home with me I showed her a few youtube videos mostly Ze Frank and Casey Neistat. When Whitney had left, I got to cooking a delicious sweet potato and chorizo skillet to bring for lunches. It's usually so delicious so I had to keep myself from eating any as I was to meet with my sister for dinner on Commercial drive.

The sunset tonight was lovely. I drove over to the drive to meet my sister for supper and to go see Howl's Moving Castle at the Rio Theatre. It was amazing. They have been showing a few different Hayao Miyazaki films and I wish I could go to all of them. I really enjoyed watching the film. I'll be listening to the soundtrack on youtube.

All in all a very good day.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The First Day of 2017

Well it has been ages since I have posted on this blog. I feel bad. It was a nice outlet for me to share what I was feeling. I don't think anyone has visited it in a while as I have not been actively posting. I'm no longer travelling. I am living and working in Vancouver. I enjoy my job. I like being back home. I do find myself missing Liverpool quite a bit as well as how easy it was to travel. Will I travel anywhere this year? Who knows. I hope I do but so far no plans.













Above is a collection of photos from the past year. It was hard to choose for March as there were so many photos to choose from. I had such a fun time travelling around Europe. 

Well I hope I can be more active here.

Happy New Year!