Monday, September 8, 2014

End of Madrid

This will be the last post on my adventure in Spain with Jess. These are the remaining photos from our last day in Madrid. We were a bit tired of our travels I think or maybe we were just tired of Madrid. Though it had plenty of beauty and options we had mixed feelings about the capital city. After our exploration of Buen Retiro park we debated on what we could do. Deciding we would go to the Prado for their free entrance time from 6-8 pm. We had a bit of time to spare while waiting for 6 to happen so we decided to go to the Caixa Forum Madrid to check out their exhibition on Pixar.  It was only €4 and it was really interesting to read up on the films and animation studio. My favourite thing was the zoetrope that apparently was made by Studio Ghibli for them.

We wandered around the exhibit for a while before checking out the gift shop. Parting ways with the Caixa Forum we headed to the Prado museum and got in line. We arrived early but there was still quite a long line. Regular admission to El Prado is €14 so it is quite a savings though the time period is limited so if you need to have a long look around the art museum I suggest going earlier as it is quite large and has many works of art. 

Jess and I made a game of counting dogs in paintings. I think we got up past 30. Leaving the museum we walked back to our little apartment to spend the rest of the night until we had to wake up early to catch the bus to the airport. We had a bad situation with our Airbnb where our power went out so we lost the lights and the wifi. Jess managed to figure out the breaker in the hall but it was just such an annoyance. It kind of ruined the night for us. Leaving the apartment, he headed through the dark streets of Madrid. People were still out and about at 3 am. Finding the bus, we got on and headed for the airport. Our flights were leaving from two different terminals so we were reluctant to leave each others sides. 

I walked Jess to her area to wait for her to check her bag but the lines did not seem to be moving any. After a long hug goodbye Jess and I parted ways after an amazing two week adventure together in Spain. I headed to my gate, getting a Starbucks and relaxing. My flight would leave Madrid and take me to London where I would catch another train into the city centre and then take the train from London Euston to Liverpool. My journey home was not as long as Jess' but it was an easy one. I had a really great time in Spain with her and her family. I cannot thank her enough for inviting me.

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