Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Recap: November 29th

Above is the stain glass of the door of my house in Liverpool. I have three months left in Liverpool. Can't believe it. 

This past week has been alright, doing mostly overtime and trying not to work too hard. It's been busy so the time has passed quickly which is good.

On Thursday after a very yummy dinner at TGI Fridays, I went to the Liverpool vs Bordeaux game with Jamie. The first goal came from Bordeaux with a penalty brought on by our goalkeeper Mignolet holding the ball for longer than six seconds. Ugh. We got it back though and were up 2-1 at half time. No more goals in the second half but we played a good game. Improving under Klopp I think.

On Friday night, I met up with some of my coworkers for a fun night out. We went ice skating at the Liverpool One Ice Festival. I was quite excited. It felt like ages since I had been on the ice. The last time having been for Whitney's birthday.  Getting onto the ice, it took me a few seconds to get the hang of it. At first I was a bit disappointed as they had not resurfaced the ice with the zamboni so it was still quite choppy from the last round of skaters. I didn't let that keep me from enjoying myself though. 

After skating we headed over to the Ice Bar where we donned funny ponchos and headed into a big freezer. We got a shot of some sort of alcohol and explored the room. There was a few sculptures, a throne and a sofa all made out of ice so it was pretty cool.

After skating and the ice bar we headed to Nandos for for food. A late dinner but it was perfect. I had the half chicken, creamy mash, chips and perinaise. I also had two Sagres Radlers to drink. Very good.

 Now as its Sunday, I've just been relaxing. Listening to the soundtrack to Cirque du Soleil's O and watching Liverpool beat Swansea 1-0. I've also been playing this cute game on my phone called Neko Atsume. You just basically lay out toys and wait for cats to show up.

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