Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Recap: December 6th

Another rather uneventful week. I was not feeling well on Tuesday. I had a big headache and ended up going home from work. Started feeling better later on in the week. 

On Saturday I headed into town and went to the Winter Arts Market in St George's Hall.  I bought a few things mostly souvenirs of the city so I can remember it. There were a few things I really wanted but the price tags were too high.   Leaving the market, I went to the library near by to see if I could find any books on Lisbon. Not a single one. I'm not sure if I'm looking in the wrong place or if they are all just checked out.  

Plans have started to fall into place. I'm heading to Lisbon in March and renting out a little studio. It was only a little more than a hostel so I went with it. It will save me money as I'll be able to pick up groceries and cook for myself. I never really feel comfortable doing that in a hostel so end up going out to eat. 

Today, I walked to the large tesco and went to the costa. Getting a large chai, I sat down and wrote out my Christmas cards. I had struggled to write them and needed to get on top of it. Don't want to send them too late and them not arrive in time for Christmas. I called my dad as usual and then made a pasta/soup thing for lunches. I hope its alright. I had some while I was watching Jessica Jones but wasn't thrilled with it. Hoping I can spice it up somehow. 

Above, the view from the Liverpool Central Library and below, the Weeping Window displayed at St Georges' Hall.

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