Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Recap: December 27th

It was a beautiful day today. Had a really nice walk through town before meeting up with Jamie for a dinner at Nandos. Nandos is so good. I will miss classy Nandos. I hope it tastes the same in Canada as I was never really big on it there but now that I've given it a chance I'll have to try it.

Christmas was also very good to me. I was spoiled with cards and the parcels that I did receive. I wore my Christmas jumper and opened my presents after having a really nice breakfast. The weekend has been quiet. Having four days off has been really nice. I still have one more lie in. Can't wait. 

Well I'm going to say it, Rome when you want to. I'm off to Rome! I'm flying out of Lisbon to Rome March 8. I struggled to find an easy route to Sevilla so decided flying to Rome might be cheaper and hey, I wanted to go back. So my coin tossed into the Trevi fountain may just have worked.

I've decided to head to Florence the afternoon of March 8 and return to Rome on March 10. Giving me one full day in Florence and hopefully the half day of the 10th will be spent venturing to Pisa to see the leaning tower, while it is still leaning.  That leaves me with four days in Rome before I fly to Barcelona for a night then to Valencia for Fallas. All very exciting.

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