Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Recap: December 20

Christmas is right around the corner. Only five days to go. This week has been quite fun. On Wednesday I got off work and wandered around town doing some shopping and sight seeing before meeting up with Jamie. I went into the Walker Art Gallery and had a stare down with Henry.

We were meeting up to go to the newly opened Five Guys burger joint. I had been to the one in Vancouver once before but it had not left any lasting memories. I got the bacon cheeseburger, cajun fries and a coke. The total came to £14. Well the cajun fries were delicious, the burger came with two patties which made me realise that was why it was so expensive. I didn't let the sight of it after I opened it up deter me and I gobbled it up. The coke machine has a 100 different combinations of drinks but was sad to see no rootbeer. I had been only slightly hopeful. I settled for a vanilla cherry and got a refill of vanilla raspberry. All in all it was a good burger and I enjoyed the fries but at that price tag I'd rather hit up Archies and get myself a nice milkshake.

On Thursday I hit up Star Wars at the Odeon. Wanting to watch it myself before someone had the chance to spoil it for me. I really enjoyed it and thought they did a good job. 

Friday was National Christmas Jumper Day and we all wore our Christmas jumpers and donated to charity. After work we hit the town, bar hopping and enjoying the Christmas market. I was really happy I went, sometimes I shy away from going out but as it wasn't a dressy thing I was on board. Had a great time with my coworkers and just makes me think how lucky I am to have such a brilliant bunch of people in my life.

Now the weekend is almost over, it's been very relaxing. I've made soup, planned a bit more for March. New Year is coming quick, better think of some plans.

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