Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Recap: December 13

Another week has gone past. That means I have only 78 days until I fly out of the UK to a hopefully sunny Lisbon, Portugal. Really excited, yet quite nervous about planning this trip. Hoping I can save enough money to have a good time and not go broke somewhere in the middle of it. Trying to pre-pay for as much as I can so there is less out of pocket stuff when I am travelling and I can put my money towards food and activities.

This week has had a lot of early morning train rides. Standing on a platform as the sun is rising or hasn't even risen yet is never a good feeling. The weather was been a mix of rain and cold. Still no sign of snow or frost, I am sure it will come when it wants to.

It's also involved Christmas jumpers and big smiles. I was the festive door greeter at work. I had to greet everyone and offer them a basket. Some might cringe at this job but I am quite cheery so I did not have a problem doing it. It also allowed me to get a free Christmas jumper and this cute little hat which has a penguin on it. Not seen on the jumper is the lovely snowman. Next Friday is the real Christmas jumper today so shall see which one I actually wear.

Now the weekend is almost over, I haven't accomplished much past being really cozy, having a bath, having a shower, making a casserole, splashing in puddles, going to tesco, somewhat cleaning my room, burning candles, recycling, doing dishes and of course sleeping.

I hope I can make the most out of those 78 days. Sad I can't have any holidays off work to go exploring but shall see what I can get up to. xx

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