Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disneyland Paris

Going to Disneyland was always something I had wanted to do. I always thought that my first experience would be in California. I was wrong, my first encounter with Disneyland would be in Paris. On the Monday of our adventure in Paris, Jamie, Kevin and I boarded the train from Paris to Disneyland. Arriving just before opening, he followed the crowds towards the parks. Having pre-paid for our tickets we happily entered the parks like little kids. At first it was overwhelming. Where to look? Where to go?  The castle in the distance, the shops, the rides. It was all very exciting. 

The park had been decorated for Halloween as it was the next holiday approaching. It was all very festive with orange bunting, giant pumpkins and ghosts hanging about.

Stopping in front of the castle for some quick photos and selfies. We headed over to Frontierland and got in the line for Big Thunder Mountain. The queue went quickly, only having to wait fifteen minutes. It was our first ride of the day and a lot of fun. 

After leaving Fronteirland we headed across to Discoveryland. Was this what the future was to look like? We headed over to the Star Wars ride Star Tours and got in a slightly longer queue. In the ride, you and about thirty other people sit down and strap yourselves into a ship. You go for a ride by moving around in the seat as the ship travels through space and fights in a battle. It was quite fun to be jolted around and dangled. I am glad we did this ride before we stopped for lunch.

We headed into one of the buildings and stopped for lunch. I got the Jedi Burger which came with a little yoda cupcake. We ate while we watched these little kids learn to be jedis. It was very cute to watch them in their robes with their light sabers. I thought it was great that they had that.

The burger was alright, fries basic but the cupcake, wow. The icing was just this mass of green. I tried to take it off and eat it but it felt onto my lap. Bad experience and did not even taste great.

Leaving Discoveryland behind, we headed to explore Sleeping Beauty's Castle. We headed to the second floor and admired the stained glass windows that detailed the story of Sleeping Beauty. I loved all the details on the columns, the owls made me think of my sister.

Leaving the castle, we headed over to ride the Mad Hatter's Teacups in Fantasyland. For some reason the teacups make me think of Disneyland so to ride them was perfect. We had a laugh, spinning around amongst the other cups.

Off next we went to the Labyrinth, where we tried not to get lost in attempt to get through it. Seeing the crazy caterpillar enjoying himself. The Cheshire Cat smiled over us as we got further into the labyrinth. 

We finally made it to the Red Queen's palace or it a castle? We went inside for a quick glance around before heading out.

All smiles as we kept on exploring the park. Heading through the little section dedicated to Aladin before going to the Haunted Mansion in Frontierland in hopes to get scared. It was a really fun ride. I enjoyed how the floor lowered and took you to a separate section to board the little seats you ride in. The crazy things people think of when creating rides.

After having another walk around Frontierland, we headed back to Discoveryland in hopes of riding Space Mountain. We had no luck with this ride the whole day and never ended up actually getting to ride it. It was shut down most of the morning and when it came back on the queue was too long so we got fast pass tickets. When we went back to use the fast pass tickets, the ride was broken again. Getting another fast pass, we repeated the attempt to ride it but again, broken.

It was already 5:30 and that meant time for the parade. We didn't line up ages before it started so we werent right at the front to watch it. Instead we opted to watch it by standing on a bench. It was pretty fun to see the floats go by. The front and back of each one dedicated to a different Disney film. My favourite was the Lion King one. I can only imagine what its like to be in that silly lion costume or if its just a robot.

After the parade was over, we attempted to find some food. This was getting difficult as it seemed most of the restaurants we went in search of were closed. We finally ended up at Gepetto's Workshop. We all looked at the menu and decided on the chicken. That was when we learned they were sold out of the chicken. I opted for the hot dog or weiner something. It was alright. Overpriced but hit the spot.

The sun was starting to set on our lovely day. We wandered around Main Street, poking into shops and buying  a few souvenirs. I purchased myself Copper and Tod from the Fox and the Hound. I could not get one without the other. After all, they are friends forever.

When the fun had set, we watched the amazing light show projected onto the castle perched on the edge of a fountain eating cotton candy. Which we had been hunting for all day. It was an amazing end to an amazing day.

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  1. Lily and I want to go now too. Looks like a lot of fun!