Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Perogie day! Perogie Day!

It seems like this is becoming a food blog but I promise that as soon as I am out of Vancouver you will see my adventures travelling around Europe as well as photos of all the amazing food I will be putting inside my mouth.

Friday morning was a great morning as it was PEROGIE DAY! If you have read through my blog you would have seen that perogie day is a day that happens once a month on the first Friday, hosted by the Ukranian Church on 10th Avenue in East Vancouver. It is a massive perogie dinner with all the fixings and has been a monthly event for me for the past few months. A gathering of friends over good food is always a happy time for me.

Friday morning we woke up slowly and ventured to the Rumpus Room on Main and 10th to enjoy a brunch. The Rumpus Room is a very fun restaurant that also seems like you're dining in an old basement. The rafters are filled with tennis rackets, sleds and other oddities. The walls are decorated with neat little pictures that look like they came straight from the 80's and they have several old couches. Another cool thing about this place is that you can play board games while you wait for your food.
The menu comes in an old school duotang that is covered in stickers. It has some fun touches and funny photos like the He-Man on this page above.

The fun ceiling full of lots of different things.
For our starter we had deep-fried bacon and avocado. It was so good! Try it!
My mom had the Peanut Butter Burger. It sounds weird but it was very good. The menu says it comes with a "Huge helping of peanut butter" but the taste is very subtle. The other flavours of the burger blend very well.
I got the Breakfast Waffle Burger which I cut in half and gave half to my mom in order to share half of her peanut butter burger. The waffle burger was super tasty. The waffle itself was slightly syrupy so was sweet and I liked the combo of flavours with the beef patty. The previous time I had gone to the Rumpus Room I enjoyed the Breakfast Poutine. Was very tempted to get that again but this was a great choice and I don't regret it.
Shawn had the chorizo benny with scrambled eggs. I had a bite of the chorizo and it was very yummy.
Chris had the Fruits and Cream Waffles. The seasonal fruit compote it came with was delicious and I was happy to try some when Chris shared with me.
My wonderful mother and amazing sister.

We left the Rumpus Room and I headed along 12th towards home but turned up Fraser on a hunt for Earnest Ice Cream. I was almost there, not having told anyone of my plans to get ice cream but we stopped at a red light and my mom piped up "We should go for ice cream," it seems that my mother is a bit physic and I happily led us a few blocks up the road to Earnest Ice Cream.

Earnest Ice Cream was introduced into my life by Beth at the girl's night and fell in love. The ice cream joint is tucked away in a small location but its wonderfully decorated. I wish I had heard about this place sooner in my life. Earnest Ice Cream why were you not in my life?!

If you are ever in Vancouver, go to this place. The address is 3992 Fraser St. The ice cream is amazing and they have a variety of flavours that change. There are also vegan options. They also sell ice cream by the pint. Some of the flavours in their freezer are not the ones currently on option by the cone so gives you the option to try a new flavour if you haven't had it yet. I tried the London Fog and Salted Caramel, my sister had the Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter and Tahitian Vanilla and my mom had the Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chris had the London Fog. We all enjoyed it so much we took home a pint of the Tahitian Vanilla and the Whisky Hazelnut.

A few hours later we headed back to Main Street and headed to the Last Crumb which is ritual to go to before perogie dinner.  They have a very tasty selection of hot chocolates and a full case of cakes and treats. I enjoyed the Chai Hot Chocolate with the homemade marshmallow. It is always amazing. Can't go wrong with that.

When 5 came around we strolled down the road to the Ukranian church. Finding a table large enough for our group we got in line. We paid for our food, heading through the line before getting our plates filled by cute grannies and finally sat down to enjoy our tasty food. Nothing better.

 Perogie night is the best night. I am sad that this is my last one and I look forward to eating perogies in the countries they come from. I will miss gathering at this dinner each month with my closest friends. I was happy that my family and Chris were able to join me on this night.

Until we meet again, perogies.

6 days 18 hours.

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