Thursday, March 27, 2014

Manchester Day 3

Today was a glorious day! I was in a really great mood and headed through Picadilly towards Manchester Cathedral. I headed inside and had a wander through the nice cathedral before popping back outside to go and find the National Football Museum.

The church was built between 1421- 1882.
I purchased a postcard from the cathedral so that I could send it to grandma. I hope she likes it.

A few minutes away is the National Football Museum which is free to go into. I really enjoyed the museum, it is in a really cool building with a few different exhibits about the sport of football.

After exploring the football museum I walked without a map in the direction I thought my hostel to be. I came across the Printworks. The Printworks is an entertainment building featuring clubs, bars and a cinema. Was tempted by the cinema but the film I want to see was not yet playing that day.
The Printworks has an enclosed ceiling. Reminding me a bit of the fake ceilings of Las Vegas.
Wandering around I found this cute little restaurant, drawn in by the colour of the door.
I strolled along past old brick buildings and enjoying the sunshine before stopping at Teacup Kitchen on Thomas St. It was a really cute little cafe/bakery and I happily sat and ordered a cup of tea and the flourless chocolate cake.

The cake was delicious and I really enjoyed the tea. I might pop into here the next time I am in Manchester and try another one of their cakes.

I headed back to my hostel after that, stopping to purchase a sandwich for dinner and happily ate that under the ferris wheel.

I'm in Liverpool now so expect some posts shortly. 6 days before Milan!

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