Monday, March 3, 2014

A busy beginning...

The end of February was a very busy time. I had my last day of work for Staples and we enjoyed an amazing pot luck of some of my favourite foods. We enjoyed the feast and it was hard to go back to work but the last few hours went by quickly and soon the last shift was over. I clocked out, said my goodbyes to my coworkers and handed over my fob and key. I headed out of the parking lot and I did not look back.

Coming home I ended up with a surprise. I was informed that I was supposed to move out a day earlier than I had hoped to. I could have been mean and said I was not moving out until the 1st but as I am nice I slaved away emptying my room, moving my mattress and boxspring. I vacuumed and washed the walls. Listening to music helped but still it was very hard on a day where I hoped to relax.

The plan had been that Shawn would come over at 3:30 pm after she got off work and then help me clean and organize before using her vacuum to clean the room. That was not to be but she came over as soon as she got off work and we loaded up my car and headed over to Shawn's, unloading my possesions into her house before heading to pick mom up from the airport. It was really good to see mom at the end of that long day. I had been up for twenty four hours at that point and was very exhausted. I took mom home to my set up in my apartment in the empty room before falling asleep happily next to my mommy.

We woke up and headed into New Westminster for breakfast at IHOP. I enjoyed the creme cheese crepes, eggs, hashbrowns and sausages.

We wandered around the New Westminster mall but there really is nothing there so we left and ventured to Metrotown where we again wandered through the mall. We had lunch at Freshslice and went to the movie Pompeii.

My mom made a funny as we were entering the movie theatre. Outside there was a sign snowing the theatre number and "3D POMPEII." My mom looked at the sign and then asked me what the first movie was about. I could not stop laughing. She thought it was POMPE II.

We headed back to my house where we packed up all the rest of my belongings and Ricky and headed to my sister's house.  Dinner was near so we headed to the Cactus Club and I enjoyed a bellini as well as the Thai Red Curry Pacific Lingcod which was delicious! It came with coconut rice which was very tasty. Highly recommend.  Heading back to the car we saw this funny sign outside of a restaurant on Kingsway.
 Keep clam and drink bubble tea!

 C102 where I lived for three years.
C205 where I lived for the past 6 months.

Saturday arrived and we ventured over to Hastings and Garden to enjoy Red Wagon. I had heard of this breakfast joint but I did not expect its greatness. We had a fair bit of a wait so I wandered along the side of the building towards the back and snapped a few shots.

We were able to sit at the bar and my Uncle Mike joined us. I had the Pulled Pork Pancakes with Jack Daniels Syrup as well as enjoyed a caesar. The pancakes were so delicious. I think everyone should come here and get some of these. If you don't, you're missing out.

That night I went to Jess' birthday poker party where we played for chocolate. I had never played poker before but I had a really fun time with everyone. It was great to play for chocolate as there was no pressure to win as you wouldn't lose actual money.

Today has been a very relaxed day. We did a few errands, cleaned up some things, sorted, lost Ricky in the house and did my taxes. Looks like I will be getting money back! Yay! Happy about that.

I also booked Jess and I's apartment rental for Barcelona, very excited! I can't wait for May.

13 days 21 hours. Ahhh


  1. That pic of you and your mom is so cute. =3

  2. Wow, great entry Paige. It was so nice that your mom could come and see you before you left. The time is almost here for you to hop on that big plane! You're going to have so much fun in that big world of ours.
    I look forward to your next entry. Love you, Auntie Wendy xoxox