Tuesday, March 18, 2014

London Day 2.

I just finished attempting to drink tea with salt in it. Took a sip and realized the big jar of what I thought was sugar was actually salt. Disgusting!! Do not want! Going to scrap that idea of a cuppa for now.

London Day 2! It started with a heathy meal of some toast and jam swallowed down with some orange liquid that might possibly have been Tang? Very weak juice nonetheless. After breakfast I packed up my day pack and headed out on a walkabout. The plan was to wander around and eventually end up at Covent Garden at 11 am for my walking tour.

I walked all the way past Covent Garden to the way to Victoria Embankment Gardens where I sat in front The Savoy hotel and enjoyed a chocolate croissant and their Love Bar latte which was very good. To enjoy a little treat in the middle of this park was very lovely. I still can't believe that I am in London.

 The cute little bird in the middle of the fountain. It made me smile.
After I finished my drink and snack I wandered along the park before crossing over the street to the other side closest to the river where I took in Cleopatra's Needle. I had only been able to see it through a bus window when I had come to London with my school group. It was nice seeing it up close as Egyptian anything has always interested me.

After checking out the needle I looked down at the banks of the Thames, tempted to go down there and check out the bit of beach. My gut told me to not even attempt to go down the gross stairs as I would probably fall and promptly break my back.
After my little jaunt by the river I headed back up to Covent Garden. While strolling through Covent Garden before the tour I found a Moomin shop. I had to go in. A whole shop dedicated to Moomin!

 I wandered through Covent Garden and entered the Apple store there which is the largest apple store in the UK with three floors, a basement and a covered court yard. I was tempted to take photos of it. I went in wanting to find out about sim cards for my phone and was set up with one by them. Now I have a UK number, go me!
 I met up with my tour group Sandeman's New Europe London tour which is a free tour that lasts 2.5 hours and leads you around some of the main features of London. Though the tour is free they hope that if you enjoy it you tip the tour leader. I based my tip on some of the other tour prices listed on their website as I really did enjoy it. My mother and I went on one when we were in Edinburgh and attempted one in Madrid but that had to be cancelled due to unrest in the tourism field of free tours.

After the walking tour was done I popped into St. Margaret's Church which is located right next to Westminster Abbey but its free. I wandered it a little bit, reading inscriptions before hurrying off through London past Elizabeth Tower which hosts Big Ben up to Trafalgar Square where I stopped and ate my lunch. Water with a roasted chicken and stuffing sandwich from Tesco's. I had grapes earlier along the tour. I leaned against the fountain near by the man with the weird eyes statue which is actually in the water of the fountain. The sandwich was actually really tasty.
Nice blue cock?

After finishing my sandwich I headed up St. Martin's Place and into the National Portrait Gallery. I walked along the portraits of the kings and queens of England before hitting up the bathroom and making my exit.

Now here I sit, heading out for dinner in a little bit. Tomorrow will be attempt to get a bank account day.


  1. You're doing great Paige! You seem to be getting around without any problems and your pictures are amazing, I'm thoroughly enjoying them. I'm glad your taking part in tours, a great way to learn the city. You made me laugh at the salt in your tea, who would have know, lol.

  2. Oh, how posh of you! Now, I feel like I have to read your blog as if I'm hearing you with an English accent. Have you swooned yet at the accents of all the nice ginger blokes? Hugs!