Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Travel to London and London Day 1.

We arrived early for my flight. Checking in was easy and I was very happy to find out my bag weighted 9.6 kgs so under the 10 kg limit for carry on and it fit in their baggage hold!  Happy day! We had lunch in the airport and afterwards I headed towards security. I hugged everyone goodbye which was super sad and then went through security very easily. The airport in Seattle is pretty interesting. I had to take a train to the terminal to catch my plane. 

 It was raining when we left but soon we were off the ground and into the air. The flight was around 7 hours into Reykjavik. The layover was two hours in the airport. It was pretty boring. The area for the UK flights was segregated from the other European flights because of the schegen visa system. There wasn't a lot to do so I hooked up to the wifi. The bathrooms were super cool. A whole room to yourself with a really cool Dyson sink which had a dryer in with the faucet. Super fancy!



Arriving in London was perfect. Customs was a bit slow but I got through no problem and since I already had my bag I headed straight for the tube. I got turned around a little and accidentally ended up going to Terminal 5 which extended my journey a bit. I wasn't concerned too much as I was in no rush. Russell Square is about 17 stops away from Heathrow so it was a little bit of a trip. After getting out of the tube I accidentally turned the wrong way but I found my way.

I'm staying at Astor Museum Hostel which is located at 27 Montague St directly across the street from the British Museum. You have to walk around the corner to get to the entrance of the museum but its location next to the museum has made it amazingly easy to locate. Find the museum, find the hostel.

Checking in was easy and I locked up my bag as fast as I could and headed out to go get some food. I hadn't eaten anything since having a sandwich on the plane to Iceland.  I wandered around the streets before deciding on getting a hot sandwich, water and grapes from Sainsbury's before heading back to Russell Square and taking off my shoes to attempt to ground myself in the park. It was amazing to just sit in the park and enjoy the sun and relax after such a long day.

 I went back to the hostel and had a shower and changed into some fresh clothes before heading out again to explore the British Museum. I have been to the museum before but it was nice to wander through the halls at a slow leisurely pace. Definitely worth a visit if you are in London. It's free but they suggest you donate £5.

 Hummus Bros was were I had dinner. It's located by Holburn Station at 37-63 Southampton Row. It was very tasty with warm pita bread and chicken surrounded by hummus. I tried their mint and ginger lemonaid which was very delicious. I wanted to have a second glass but held back as trying to save money.

After dinner I strolled back to my hostel and got ready for bed before crawling into my bed and sleeping like a log thanks to my ear plugs and super duper face mask.

-No countdown. I'm here. :D


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  2. I'm so impressed by your packing. I'm also impressed by this whole adventure. Keep up the blogging, I can't wait to read more! Love you and miss yoU! xoxo - Sondra