Thursday, March 27, 2014

Liverpool 1

Manchester had been a lot of fun the past 3 days but I was super excited to be heading to Liverpool to stay with my friend Jamie. She had come to Canada and stayed with me for almost two weeks in September. I packed up my bag and headed for the bus station. Arriving early, I decided to waste some time by filling my belly with some yummy breakfast and headed over to the Yates's that is by the station.
I wanted the cheaper breakfast and a hot chocolate but their tills were being really weird so the lovely waitress gave me my hot chocolate on the house and I got the larger breakfast. It would have been about the same price if I had gotten the smaller, cheaper breakfast and the hot chocolate.

After breakfast and going up three flights of stairs with my backpack just to use the toilet, I headed to the bus terminal and got on the bus to Liverpool. I have started reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and the bus ride went quickly. It's only an hour so compared to my two other bus experiences so far it was brilliant. Jamie was there waiting for me and I was so happy to see her.

We got a weekly bus fare and jumped on the bus to where she lives. Dropping off my bag, we headed out to check out the two Cathedrals. After getting off the bus we had the luck to meet two Lambananas.  A dapper Sergeant Pepper Lambanana and Banana Rock Lambanana.

We walked past LIPA which is Liverpool's Institute for Performing Arts. LIPA was started by Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty.  McCartney had previously gone to the school when it housed the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys. They created the school together and now it is very prestigious.

  The first Cathedral we went to was the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. This Cathedral is massive. You can't tell from the photo how massive it is but it is huge. The length of the building is 189 metres making it the longest cathedral in the world! Inside it's about 150 metres long. It also ranks as the fifth largest cathedral in the world and also is one of the largest Anglican church buildings.  It's 101 metres high making it one of the world's tallest non-spired church buildings and is the third tallest structure in Liverpool, only being topped by the West Tower and the Radio City Tower.

 The Cathedral is free to enter and we happily wandered it's massive halls. I haven't been to many cathedrals, churches, basilicas. Keeping up with what type is sometimes a bit hard. My favourite of all is La Sagrada Familia which is a basilica. I also hope to see the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris and will definitely be seeing St Mark's Basilica in Venice and St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

 There was even a miniature version of the Cathedral made out of Lego!

 I lit a candle for my grandma Rolandi in hopes of letting her know I am thinking of her always.

After our extensive walk through this church we headed back outside and to the other end of the street where Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral sits. Two Cathedrals, one street.
The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is also known as Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.  The Roman Catholic Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Liverpool Malcolm McMahon who is also the Bishop of Nottingham.

It is sometimes known locally as Paddy's Wigwam or the Mersey Funnel. They started to build it in 1962 and completed it in 1967, just five years later. The original architect has been sued a few times due to leaks in the roof and defects in mosaic tiles.

Down the street you can see the large Anglican Cathedral from the top of the stairs outside of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

I enjoyed the different colours that the Cathedral had in its stained glass. It was very pretty mosaic affect. The circular design of the Cathedral was also interesting and very different to me.

After leaving the Cathedrals behind Jamie and I headed back home to have a pasta dinner and watch Saving Mr. Banks. So far so good. Keep and eye out for our trip to Crosby Beach.

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