Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last day of Primark

On Friday it was my last day of work at Primark. It had been a day that had been looming in the distance for so many months and for it to finally arrive was scary and exciting. With it arriving it meant I had one week before I flew off to Portugal to start my European adventure in March.  I had been working at Primark since August 2014, so almost a year and a half had gone by with me working there. I had grown used taking the train into Liverpool from Mossley Hill. The slow walk down Parker Street past St. John's Market and approaching Primark, which in the above photo is the building on the left. All five floors of it of store and the sixth the employees personal domain. The hardest part of leaving were the goodbyes.

My week of leaving coincided with half term so a lot of my coworkers were off on holiday time spending it with their kids who were out of school. Half term also meant overtime which I enjoyed as it meant more money for my travels. After doing my best not to cry throughout the day on Friday, when my shift came to an end and I was presented with a loving card signed by the staff and a collection, I could no longer hold back the tears. Hugs all around, I left the store through the employee exit the last time. A group of us went out for drinks after in town to celebrate my departure. It was a very nice end to my time at Primark. I felt very loved and appreciated. I will miss all of my coworkers but with Facebook I will be able to keep in touch.

Now to focus on the last days that I have in Liverpool before I travel.

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