Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Graffiti Garage in Lisbon

One of the things I had noticed by walking around Lisbon was the amount of graffiti the city had. You found some art on every wall you came across in the city. I really quite enjoyed it as it was artistic not just a random spray of paint. I had read about a parking garage that was filled with graffiti on every floor and found it at Chão de Loureiro. At its bottom is a supermarket and inside is a lift you can take to get up to St Georges Castle. As I was coming from the top part thats where I started. Going from floor to floor to the bottom.

It felt a bit weird to be wandering around a parking garage snapping photos then going down the stairs to the next level but it was an experience with the different graffiti on display on each level.

The one above blowing the bubbles I would say is my favourite. It is truly a painting on the wall.

I was alone in the garage until I reached the bottom where I came across a few guys also taking photos of the art. The bottom portion of the garage seemed to be a mix of all the artists from each floor.  If you are in Lisbon I would recommend checking out the garage if you are in the area. It doesn't take too long and I would suggest taking the lift to the top and then going down to avoid having to walk up the stairs. Unless you like stairs, then take the stairs.

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