Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Recap: May 10

So this week has been an interesting one. Work has kept me busy but it was very nice having a three day weekend. I did full shifts most days except for Friday when I only did a 6 hour shift. This allowed me to finally get to the post office to mail Hillary's letter which had been rolling around in my purse for a few days. The weather throughout the week had been a mix of sun and rain. Friday though started out amazing, really warm and the sun was shining. I was very happy to get a slight sleep in and go into town in the sun. The weather changed while I was in work and only for the worse. So much rain. I'm sure umbrella sales were up that day.

On Thursday I voted in the election. Both the local and general election. I am not sure if I was cleared for both but I was handed both slips and voted for both of them. Which was very interesting. Everyone seems very unhappy with the result and though I will only be living here for ten months, they will have to be under the Conservative government for another five years, I believe.

This is a photo I snapped and sent to my sister as I was leaving work this week. Looking a little crazy after letting my hair down. I was just happy to be escaping work. 

Nothing exciting for this weekend, I made a delicious chilli for lunches on Saturday and caught up on the Amazing Race. 

Thanks to anyone reading this. xx

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