Thursday, June 4, 2015

Afternoon Monday in Lisbon

I left Prazeres Cemetery and hopped on the next tram that came by, I rode it along before hopping off at Estrela Gardens and sitting at the cafe in the park enjoying a drink and a snack.  The pond by the cafe was filled with turtles and ducks. The tranquil atmosphere was lovely and I should have wandered further into the park but decided not to.

Getting another tram, I headed for Alfama. The neighbourhood that kept drawing me back day after day. The weather in Lisbon was beautiful and I happily strolled through this neighbourhood once more. I was seeking out the gelato place I had gone to with my tour on Saturday but did not know where it was or its name. Unable to find it, I wandered past the castle and back down to my hostel for the night.

Turns out if I had just gone through the big gate the white van is driving through and turned right I would have found the delicious gelato place. Gelataria Portuguesa, Rua Sta. Cruz do Castelo, 15, 15A.

After I got back to my hostel I pulled out the chorizo and cheeses I had purchased at the market and chopped them up to make myself a little feast. 

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