Saturday, August 1, 2015

Off to Dublin!

I'm off today to Dublin. I am spending the night in Ireland's capital city before heading across the Atlantic to Canada. It's been 500 days since I've been home. Feels crazy but I am super excited to be making the journey home for the summer. I have managed to get the entire month off of work. It is unpaid so I have to keep an eye on the budgeting side of things but with a pay cheque due in August, I think I will make it through without breaking the bank.

I spend the night in Dublin arriving in the afternoon so hopefully can get some sights in before having a pint of Guinness and dinner. I'll be staying in a hostel near the castle for the night before heading to the airport for my flight to Canada. Flying Air Canada to Toronto then off to Calgary to stay with my dad.

I'm with him for a few days then off again to Vancouver for my friend's wedding and the rest of the month with family and friends.

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  1. Awesome photo's Paige. Thanks for sharing! News and Bonnie