Thursday, July 30, 2015

Up on High at the Liverpool Cathedral

On the day I ended up going up Liverpool Cathedral, I was on my way to Liverpool One on the bus when I looked at the Cathedral out the bus window and remembered that it was on my list of things to get done in Liverpool. Looking at the sky I saw that it was sunny with a bit of fluffy clouds  so I decided to jump off the bus at the next stop and head over to the Cathedral. I made a small loop past the Chinese Arch before getting to the Cathedral. Stepping inside, I headed to the gift shop to purchase my ticket to the top.  Paying the £5.50, I took my ticket across the church, looking up and admiring the beautiful Cathedral which is the fifth largest in the world. 

I ended up joining in with a family of three to get in the lift that would take us up high into the tower. Exiting the first lift, we went up a small walkway and waited for the second lift. Exiting that lift, we got to view the bells and the thing I found funny about them is that one is named Chad.

Climbing some stairs, they weren't so bad. I think the stairs at my work are the worst stairs. This was a breeze and soon I came up to this door. Go into the light!

Leaving the stairs and door behind, I was surrounded by the city I have called home for over a year. It was a beautiful site. I wish I had binoculars but I enjoyed it so much. The wind was not so bad and you could see quite a far distance.

Down Hope Street you can see Liverpool's other Cathedral, the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. I am lucky to live in a city that has a spare Cathedral.

In the above photo I was able to locate where I live visually but its a bit hard to describe. A bit to the right of those four sky scrappers in the middle of the image.

Heading back down the stairs, I ended back with the family I had gone up with. Deciding to only go down one floor to the Embroidery Gallery, we took in all the amazing embroidery that was on display. Mostly religious robes and patterns with a special meaning to the cathedral.

From the Embroidery gallery I was able to look down at the inside of the Cathedral. I felt very high up seeing the little people walking about so far below. Heading down in the lift, I left the Cathedral feeling very pleased with the experience.

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