Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Recap: August 19

Sunday again! How did that happen? Well I can happily say I got my room somewhat cleaned. Just need a few finishing touches and it should sparkle. Probably won't.

13 days until I fly off to Dublin. The days are slipping away so quickly. Have to wait until the 25th to print my boarding pass though. I'll print all my flight itinerary for the Dublin to Calgary flight as well.

On Saturday I got the bus into town and the sun was out and I thought why not go up the Liverpool Cathedral while the weather was good. I headed down near Chinatown. Checking out the amazing gate that Liverpool has and then went up to the Cathedral. It's only £5.50 and I thought it was well worth it to get up so high and see over the city.

After leaving the Cathedral, I headed down Bold Street and enjoyed a very reasonably priced A&W rootbeer and got some White Rabbit candies at the same time. Chewing on my sweets, I headed over to St. George's Hall which was hosting the Summer Arts Market. I picked up quite a few things. Very happy with them.

The weeks weather was a mix of rain, sun and overcast. Work was fine. Nothing to write home about.  I am trying to be a bit more active on the blog front. We'll see how that goes heading into crazy August.

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