Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Recap: July 26

Just six days until I head off to Dublin. I am super excited and I know that the next five days of work will fly by.

The past week since the last Sunday update has been uneventful. I worked long hours from Monday to Friday before heading home. On Friday I met up with Jamie to go for dinner. We decided to try the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and boy am I glad we did. The food was amazing and the salted caramel milk shake was heavenly. I ended up going for the Salvador Burger which had a pork chorizo patty with avocado, garlic mayo, crispy onions, salad, relish and was served on a brioche bun.  I could not help myself and got the sweet potato fries which came with a very yummy baconaise.

I definitely hope to get back there as it was really hard to make up my mind on what to order. Everything sounded good.

On Saturday I walked up to the post office to mail a card to Hillary, headed to the library to print off my boarding pass. Thanks Ryanair. Printouts in hand, I walked to the Tesco Superstore and picked up a few things before heading back home and whipping up my usual soup. Sausage and Lentil.

With six days to go until I fly off, I've been packing, repacking, charging, repacking. I hope that I'll be able to say I'm sorted soon but might have another look through.

I've been watching Band of Brothers on the TV this week, managing to record the episodes when they come on and watch them later.

I'm very excited about my trip now that it's down to the single digits in the countdown. May or may not get a Sunday post out of me as I will be travelling to Canada next Sunday starting at 9 am Dublin time but will be in Toronto at I think 11 am still on the Sunday so might try and post from there. Shall see. Very excited.

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