Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Copenhagen Zoo

After my journey through the Cisterns I walked across the road to Copenhagen Zoo. If you haven't noticed, I really enjoy going to zoos and have hit up quite a few in my time in Europe. I could not resist the Copenhagen Zoo not after walking a million miles to get to the Cisterns and it just being right across the street.
I paid on an electronic machine outside of the zoo. Adult tickets cost DKK 170 which is about £16 or $32 Canadian Dollars. Denmark is expensive and I chose to treat myself to the zoo. One of the key selling points of the zoo was the fact that it had Malayan Tapirs. 

I entered the zoo and using the map provided I led myself towards the Tapirs. I really enjoyed how much space the animals seemed to have in their exhibits. They weren't squished together or hidden behind large fences where you could hardly see the animal.

The Copenhagen Zoo was founded in 1859 and is actually one of the oldest zoos in Europe.

I found the tapirs and happily watched as they moved about their exhibit. The male and female were separated by a small fence. I spent quite a bit of time watching them and took some videos. I know I am obsessed with this unusual animal but I am not ashamed. :P

I went back to the Tapirs a few times during my visit as I made my way through the zoo. I went into the elephant house and watched the large animals in their house. They were quite rowdy, pushing against each other and moving about.

All in all I really enjoyed the zoo. I recommend the Copenhagen Zoo as they seem to really make an effort in the animal welfare and how much room each animal has to enjoy themselves and move about. I can see why it is one of Denmark's top attractions.

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