Tuesday, July 14, 2015


After visiting a few museums on my Sunday in Copenhagen, I walked all the way to Søndermarken Park and ventured into the Cisterns of Copenhagen. I had not known about this amazing place until the night before when I happened to sit down next to a lovely girl from Vancouver. We had a good chat and even went for dessert. She told me how she went to the Cisterns and I knew I had to go. I fit it into my Sunday schedule as like some of the museums it is closed on Mondays and I would not have time to visit on the Tuesday as I was flying out that day.

The cisterns were the water reservoir of Copenhagen until they were drained 33 years ago. The exhibits change and when I visited "H" was being displayed. It involved walking across a lit pathway surrounded by water. Fountains spray water at certain points from the ceiling and an eerie music plays in the background.

It's very visual and I really enjoyed it. I wandered along the pathway a few times. Taking in where stalactites hung from the ceiling of the cisterns.

My visit cost DKK 50 and the exhibit is open Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. It is closed December to March.  

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