Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lady Lever Art Gallery

I headed into town on the train this morning. Getting off at Lime Street Station and transferring down to Liverpool Central Station which reminded me a lot of the skytrain. It's a bit of a cross between an actual train and a skytrain. Purchasing a return ticket to Bebington, I waited for the next train bound for Chester. I read my book while I waited, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I've read it before but I am re-reading it as it takes place mainly in Rome and I am hoping to get inspiration from it on some sights to see while I am there. Hope I can finish his other novels that are set in Italy as well before I step foot in the country.

Arriving at Bebington station, I followed google maps directions around the corner. Spotting a sign for the Lady Lever Art Gallery I abandoned my phone to my pocket and just followed the signs. Looking around I began to notice that the houses in the area were all quite the same but with different details. I later learned that I was in Port Sunlight, which is a model village built by the Lever Brothers for its workers. The name of the village comes from Sunlight, the brand of soap that the Lever Brothers made.

This was my first visit to the Lady Lever Art Gallery and I stepped inside unsure where to start. I hate asking for help but I know the staff of the museums I have been in so far have been wonderful at answering any questions. I was prepared though, knowing that the two John William Waterhouse paintings the art gallery had had joined the Walker Art Gallery's Waterhouse on a tour to Japan. I wish I had known of this sooner and gone to the museum to see them. I might never see them. Maybe one day if I return to Liverpool.

The gallery was displaying a collection of gowns from the 1920's. It was interesting to see the details of the dresses and how much times have changed.

I really enjoyed wandering through the rooms of the Lady Lever gallery. It was a fun day out. I wish I had brought my umbrella with me so I could explore Port Sunlight more but as I was leaving the gallery it was more like Port Rain and the weather had turned for the worse. I chose rather than exploring the model village to walk back to the train station to get the next train heading for Liverpool.

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