Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Application Process So far

Hello :)

So I applied for my visa on December 13th, filled out my information online and paid the $330 fee. I printed off the forms at work. Signed the pages requiring dating and signatures and spent the past few days preparing for my Biometrics appointment. I could have booked it for Monday but I thought I would prefer one more day to prepare and I am glad I did. A quick trip to Bellingham with my coworker Beth wiped me out and I needed my sleep come Monday.

I got off work and took the skytrain downtown and got off at Burrard station. I was very early so went to Cafe Crepe and enjoyed a ham, eggs, cheese and caramelized onions. It was so tasty. I was unable to get a mimosa because it was before 9 am so I had an eggnog latte.

I reviewed my forms and everything one last time in the restaurant and I found one small mistake. In the section asking about previous trips to the UK I had put entered 02 March 2013 and left 15 March 2009. I can't time travel and it should have been 02 March 2009.

The place where the Biometrics takes place in Vancouver is at 666 Burrard in the Park Place Building. It is on the 6th floor in Suite 600 but the World Bridge application centre is actuallyin 625.
This is the building. It is directly across the street from Burrard Station.

I arrived finally fifteen minutes before my appointment. I turned off my phone and filled out the address labels they gave me and waited. There was only one other girl in the room with me. After my name was called I went into a small office where the woman went over my forms. She was very nice. I was able to edit my application to change the date mix up, fix a box I forgot to check on my Appendix 7.

The process was very quick and easy. They scanned my fingerprints. I signed a few forms and paid $44.10 to send my application to New York through DHL. They gave me a sim card for the UK which I thought was nice. After everything was nice and sealed they handed me my bright yellow envelope and I headed on my way. 

The fate of my application to be continued...

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