Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend December 6-7

I was very happy when the work week ended. It has been a very long week and very busy. On Friday I went to the perogy supper hosted by one of the Ukranian churches in Vancouver. It was a feast.
I don't normally like cabbage rolls but it must have had something to do with them being home made but they were delicious. The perogies were spot on. Oh I could eat it all over again right now just looking at the photo. I was very happy to attend this supper with my coworkers from work, all of them coming from the day shift. 

After leaving my friends I went to my sister's mother in laws to learn how to crochet. I had the basic chain stitch ability but she helped me learn how to better hold everything and work on doing a row. I am going to be making a baby blanket for my sister. She's not pregnant but I do not know where I will be whenever she does finally decide to get pregnant. I was quite tired, only having had a two hour nap so was happy to go home to my bed.

On Saturday I drove to my sister's and then we went to Granville Island to have lunch and to try and find a few things. 

I had a really yummy pork butt, roasted butternut squash and mashed potato with a very nice salad from this really lovely shop there. This was only my second time to the market and I really would like to go again. There are lots of fresh vegetables, meats, seafoods as well as delicious bakeries that tempt you with their display cases. Regretting not having a bit of cheesecake now. 

After leaving the market we went in search of this cook book shop that my sister had received a gift card to from her wedding. The shop was just cook books which impressed me and we were able to find her a book from Americas Test Kitchens. The other thing that impressed me was the shop was right beside the Lamborghini dealership. Being bold we went inside and had a wander which I really enjoyed as I do like the cars but have never been up close to them. I saw a blue one a few days ago but couldn't bring myself to go and have a closer look so this was very nice.

I'll take the matte black one please.

We returned to my sisters house where we set about crocheting a little more. She's left handed so is having a bit of a struggle but made a bit of headway on her scarf. I think my blanket will take me a little while but I only have 98 days to complete it so I should hurry up. We enjoyed some television before going with her husband Jordan to the Cactus Club for dinner. Always nice to finish off a day with a bellini.

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