Friday, December 13, 2013

Applied for my visa!

This day of glorious days I have applied for my visa. I was so nervous filling it out. I did it a few days earlier than I was planning to but I have a really good feeling about today. Now I'm a bundle of nerves.  I have booked my biometrics for Tuesday the 17th for 10:15. It is downtown so I will need to take the skytrain after work. Oh man I am so nervous!

I am also very excited.

Very excited.

Their is a new visa application process and I found it very vague and a bit difficult. It requested a UK address and I have none, I just inputted the hostel I plan to stay at in London's address. Hopefully that will work or else I am screwed royally.

I am so happy it is the weekend. Such a long drag of a week. On Monday, I meet the new supervisor Ebineezer. I hope he's nice. He better be nice.

Planning to go to my sisters for dinner. Yum yum.

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