Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a Tuesday...

Staring at maps, exchanging Iceland kroner into Canadian, typing up more lists...

There is a lot to plan and a lot of adventure going to happen over the next couple of months.

I am really interested in climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales. It is the highest mountain in Wales and located in Snowdonia National Park. A thing that draws me towards wanting to climb this mountain is my mother has climbed it when she was younger and on a family trip to Europe. I wonder where she keeps her certificate of the climb as I remember seeing it a few times growing up.   I haven't climbed many mountains and look forward to this one. It seems to be a good place to sit and have lunch and enjoy the spectacular views if it happens to be a clear day.

I have planned out a little more, just barely. I think it is more of a faint guideline that I may trace. After three days in London if I do not end up somewhere else with some new friends in some direction I will head South West. I plan to visit  Brighton before heading to Dorchester to see the Durdle door and then upwards to Stonehenge, onto Bath and then into Wales to eventually get to Liverpool to visit Jamie.

Cannot wait -  54 days.

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