Monday, January 27, 2014

The weekend of fun

This weekend was pretty darn awesome and I was quite busy. I love being busy and I love when it involves my friends. Also helped that most of this weekend involved amazing food.

On Friday I went to Chongqing on Commercial with Jon, Michelle and Shawn. We shared some delicious peanut butter wontons. Okay, they aren't actually called that but thats what I call them and thats what matters. We had some spicy fried green beans, chicken chow mein, and some chinese broccoli. All so delicious.

My peanut butter wonton.

Saturday was a super fun day downtown by the art gallery where Earlin, Jon, Sondra, Dan and I took in the Dine Out Food Trucks that were set up. There was some amazing looking food happening.

 The Baja Fish Taco from Tacofino. I also had their Chocolate Diablo cookie which was so amazing. Wish I had bought a dozen.
 We enjoyed the Dougie Dog truck where I tried the Charlie Mac Dog and the LA Mexicana Dog. Jon and Earlin happily posing for me.
 The homemade Butterscotch Rootbeer from Dougie Dog, so good!
 My LA Mexicana Dog, I loved the spicy sausage, jalapenos, guacomole and the bacon.
 Earlin, Jon, Sondra and Dan. My fellow food adventurers.
As part of the Hot Chocolate Festival happening in Vancouver we enjoyed the Peppermint patty from Bel Cafe. It was very tasty but very rich. It came with a really yummy cookie.

On Sunday I attended a very lovely brunch at my coworker's Jess' place. She fed us a delicious breakfast of bacon, pancakes, eggs and sausages. It was all so good. 
My other coworker Michelle was there as well and after brunch we painted our nails. Which is always a lot of fun. Jess and her roommate have a lot of nail polish. Like A LOT.

I had a really great weekend and was very happy that I was bale to spend so much time with my friends. I am very excited as I learned that Jess is going to be travelling to Spain in a few months and I hope to plan some time to spend with her travelling somewhere.

48 days left.

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