Thursday, February 6, 2014

A cold and tired Thursday

When I was in Powell River last weekend I was asked by the local paper which charity I support and found myself in this Wednesday's paper.

Work last night was good, hard to adjust to the schedule again but will have to get into it. One more night and then 3 days off. Perogie night tomorrow. Always excited about that.

I paid my last Rogers bill today. Feels weird. I still have to cancel but will be doing that on the 12th. Will have to give everyone my sister's number or just tell them to message me on facebook as I won't be answering their calls.

I've paid my last rent for this apartment which also feels strange.  21 more days left in this place. I'm going to miss Leola and her cats. I was so fortunate to find such an awesome roommate. I miss Alyssa too, she was a lot of fun.

14 more work days till I'm free and 38 days until Europe.

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