Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend February 7-9

Friday! It's Perogy day!! Again we made our monthly trek to the Ukrainian church to enjoy all of it's goodness. I took my sister with us this time and I am looking forward to going in March with my mom.

Before perogies we stopped by The Last Crumb on Main St. where we tried their Winter Citrus Hot Chocolate as part of Vancouver's hot chocolate festival. I really enjoyed it and I also enjoyed a Chai cookie.

 WINTER CITRUS hot chocolate served with a vanilla orange marshmellow!
 No hanky panky!
 This should be everyones motto, no?

After the delicious drinks and dessert we headed for the Ukrainian Church on 10th to enjoy our dinner. This is my third perogy night and I am happy that is has been a monthly dinner with my friends. Good food and good people make me happy.
The place where the magic happens.

My sister enjoying her first perogy night. She's a fan!

After perogies I drove Shawn and Jon to their respective homes and headed home to my bed as I was tired. I should really try and get some sleep on perogy Friday.


I went to Jess' after lunch so that we could hang out and paint our nails which has become a thing we do. It was just the two of us this time but that was no problem as Jess is very cool and I enjoy hanging out with her. She has a huge collection of nail polish and its very hard to choose which colour. I chose a dark wine red and a purple for my accent nail but I screwed those up pretty fast so had to take that off and start over. My second attempt was teal nails with a sparkly top coat. They came out very nice.

 After painting our nails we started on the puzzle I had brought over. I had been craving doing a puzzle so on my way over to Jess' I stopped and bought a horse puzzle for a $1.25. I'm glad it was only $1.25 cause we struggled over it for probably an hour only managing to complete the border before switching to one of her 3D puzzles that she had in pieces from moving. We only had to place the sides together and erect it but it still took time. I let Jess do all the work as I was just confused about it. I enjoyed the chips. :)

 We built the Sears Tower. Pretty darn cool, I think.
After we completed the Sears Tower Jess took me out to Pho 99 and treated me to dinner which was very nice and she shouldn't have done that. Nice friends are nice.

I dropped Jess at home and she let me borrow her mittens to keep my hands warm at my cousin's son's hockey game that we were going to. It was at Planet Ice in Coquitlam and I went with Shawn and Jordan. Luckily we were able to sit with my cousin Jen and her daughter Lily who I bribed with a ring pop and helped her with her hang man on her iPad. The game ended 2-0 for Powell River. Good job Jackson and team. Very proud!

 The morning started out with a bang. I drove over to Jon's where I was meeting up with Whitney and him to go downtown. After parking my car I sat waiting for him and played with my phone before hearing shouting and saw a man running by the Croatian Cultural Centre and he was followed by several police man. They were in my direct line of sight and therefore I was directly in the line of fire when they shot the man. I am not sure if it was with a real bullet or what. I just heard the bang of he gunshot and saw the man go down before the undercover cops surrounded him. It all happened so fast. The shouting, the shot, the men around him and then several cop cars as well as a police van came on scene and I managed to snap this shot before my view was obstructed.
Jon, Whitney and I walked past the scene about fifteen minutes later and I was not sure where the man had went. They didn't place anyone in the vehicle so I am not sure if this was a training exercise or not but it certainly shook me up.

We headed downtown to take in the Dumpling Festival for the Chinese New Year in front of the Art Gallery. Turns out there was only one place set up serving food so I can't really call it a festival. There was more things set up but we didn't enter to check it out further. 

 Sondra and her rainbow nails enjoying a BBQ pork bun. So tasty! I had one of them too.
 The giant rocking horse in celebration of it being the Year of the Horse. Yay, it's my year!
We went inside the cafe at the Art Gallery where I enjoyed bread pudding and a Chai latte. It was very yummy. We talked about the Olympics and how we felt over the events.

We spent some time browsing through Chapters, reminiscing over toys and books in the children's section. After Chapters, we walked down to the waterfront to take in the cauldron and pixelated killer whale.

We headed up to Bella Gelateria and enjoyed their selections for the Hot Chocolate Festival. I had the London Foggy which is a Hot Chocolate with Earl Grey and Vanilla gelato on a stick. Perfect for dipping. It was very tasty. A lot of hot chocolates have been enjoyed recently.

All and all it was a really lovely weekend. Fun filled and friend filled. The best kind. I'm going to miss them so much.

34 days 22 hours...